Saturday, August 23, 2014

Rainbow Scrap Challenge - The Red Star

It's amazing how the rhythm changes around here when school starts back up. This year Drama Teen definitely has more homework than she's had in the past. Some nights it's more than she can get done before bed time, we've left her up working at the dinning room table a couple of times.  And this was just the second week of school, we've been told it gets worse.  

Between volleyball commitments and chemistry tutoring, it's been hard to get into the sewing room this week.  I was pretty productive last Sunday and finished up the red Inverted Star from last month. 

 Inverted Star
by Jessica Boschem of Common Threads
available from Craftsy as a free download

I'll have to figure out what color to make for this month, since I pretty much used all my green scraps when we did green earlier this year.  Probably won't decide what to replace the light green with till December when all the other blocks are done.  Same with the butterfly blocks. 

That's it for me this week.  We've got some family stuff going on this weekend, so I probably won't get much time in the sewing room.  I should make up for it next weekend since we'll have Monday off for Labor Day.  

There's more scrappy fun over at Soscrappy if you've got time for a second (third?) cup of coffee.  


  1. Sounds like you are all switching into school mode. Not quite as much fun as summer. Glad you are catching up on past months. If you wanted to start working on orange I'm sure it wouldn't go to waste.

  2. Ooh! Your red star is grand!
    Good luck with DT's heavy schedule this year. We're off to a somewhat rocky start w/Son#2. He's having anxiety adapting to high school. Hoping next week is better. While I love summer, I much prefer the consistent schedule that school brings us.

  3. Love that star pattern. Looks great.

  4. That is a lovely star. There are some great reds in it!

  5. Love the red star! I don't miss the days when homework for 3 kids ruled our lives!

  6. The inverted star is such an interesting block. HST's never looked so good.

  7. Love that pattern and in red it is so pretty

  8. That red star is just thrilling my heart - its a feast for the eyes.

    Ive had a great week sewing wise - it seems to be feast or famine here.

    With school going back and a whole load of new routines coming into play I'd say you've been more than busy in other areas.

  9. Oh I love your Inverted Star, very tempted to make this one!

  10. Thanks for link to that star block. I love star blocks and am always looking for a new one.

    And when kids are gone from home it seems like grandkids take up just as much time when they come visit every other weekend and want to play card games, learn to sew or embroider or go camping. I can't wait for retirement...3 years.


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