Saturday, September 4, 2010

First Blog Post

I'm not completely new to blogging, I've dabbled some on other sites like Connecting Threads' "Quilt with Us" and some on "Spark People".  But since both those sites are specifically focused on the given topic, I didn't feel comfortable in going "off topic" in my posts.  Quilting and fitness are only two parts of my life.  Very big parts a lot of the time, but still just parts.  I also like photography as do my husband and my daughter.  I have a pretty demanding full time job outside the home, which alternately energizes me and wears me out.  So like most other women, my life is a daily jigsaw puzzle of trying to fit in love, play, health, and work.  Sometimes it's comical, sometimes it's a dramatic, sometimes it's frantic, but sometimes it's peaceful. 

I hope to share my love of quilting and photography as this blog evolves and I hope to find some new friends along the way.

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  1. Kate, Welcome to blogging and the stash reports too. You photo in the heading of your blog is gorgeous. Did you take that photo?

    Glad you figured out that you need blenders for your stash. I have a huge stash, but I also sometimes need retail therapy and it makes me happy.
    Nice to meet you. Jane


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