Tuesday, February 2, 2021

To Do Tuesday For 2/2/2021

Hard to believe that January is over and it's time to put together the first to do list for February.  The cold and windy weather has made the sewing room an attractive place to hang out the last couple of weeks. So the to do list for last week has a lot of check marks on it.  

Weekly To Do List for 1/26/2021

  • Morewood Mystery: Finish making the A Blocks
  • Grassy Creek: Continue to make blocks and sashing 
  • Unity: Make HSTS for Clue 6 as leader and ender 

Last week's list was short, but that meant I was able to concentrate on just a few projects to make some really good progress on all of them.  That strategy is going to carry over to this week's list.  

Weekly To Do List for 2/2/2021

Grassy Creek:  Continue making blocks, stitching rows together

Grassy Greek, the 2020 Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt

All the sashing pieces are made, but only about half the blocks are completed.  I'm hoping to finish the blocks this week, as well as make progress on stitching the completed rows together.  The plan is to have a finished quilt top by the end of the month.  As long as work doesn't get crazy, that should be doable. 

Morewood Mystery: Start the February Clue

Morewood Mystery by Cheryl of Meadow Mist Designs

The blocks at the top of the picture went into block A, leaving three subunits that could be part of the February clue.  Looking forward to seeing what's next for this project.  

Unity: Continue making HSTS for Clue 6, blocks for Clue 7

Unity, 2020 Bonnie Hunter Sew-In-Place Quilt Along

The first complete pieced border strip for clue 7 is finished. It needs to be sewn to the top. That should happen sometime this week. So one border down, 3 to go.  Unity is my current leaders and enders project, so it's moving slowly. 

This is pretty much the same list as last week. The plan this year is to focus on just a few projects at a time and see if that moves more projects to the finished column.  It's been slow going so far.  

Linking up with Roseanne and Sue over at Home Sewn by Us for To Do Tuesday.


Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

It may feel like slow going but you're moving along and it's fun to watch these progress!

Linda said...

I think you made great progress! It has been windy and cold-ish here too, so I love going into my toasty sewing room.
Thank you for another glimpse at Unity. :D

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I love your Grassy Creek blocks! That gray you chose is really neat - reminds me of a stormy sky. Congratulations on making such good progress!

grammajudyb said...

Good progress on all your list items! Keep up the good work!

chrisknits said...

Great progress is made when we limit our choices. LOL!

Sara said...

Love that first border strip. The blocks look so good in your colors. I picked up Unity from the quilter so now I need to get binding on it. Aqua or pink or lime green? I'm still trying to decide.

piecefulwendy said...

Even if you feel it's slow progress, it's still progress - so that's a win. I didn't even get a post done - yet. I had a rather non-productive week so not much to share!

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Kate! Three checkmarks for three to-do items. Now that's a good week! Ooh-la-la - sewing Grassy rows together. That's got to make you feel great. Both Unity and Morewood are progressing nicely. You can't finish Morewood until you have all the clues so I think you're doing fab. Thanks for linking up today! ~smile~ Roseanne

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

This looks like a great list for this week!

Julie in GA said...

My to-do lists tend to repeat the same quilts from week to week too. You are smart to limit yours to just a few projects. It's so much fun to see them moving forward each week!

Jennifer said...

Great progress - it is easier to stay home and sew when it’s cold, isn’t it?

dq said...

The Moorwood Mystery fabrics are so pretty up close!