Saturday, February 6, 2021

February One Monthly Goal

It's been one of those weeks, absolutely nutty at work.  One of my coworkers described yesterday as "the most Mondayed Friday ever".  I was definitely ready for the weekend so I could catch my breath a bit. In contemplating what was on the agenda for the sewing room I realized that I hadn't yet decided on the One Monthly Goal for February. 

That oversight should definitely be remedied.  As usual there are several options to choose from.  Red, White and Blue Stars is quilted, but it's in transit and not actually here.  Considering it took almost three weeks for the last quilt to make it from Trudy to me, it would probably be wise to choose something else that I can actually work on this weekend.

Of the three active projects at the sewing machine, Grassy Creek is probably the closest to being finished. 

Grassy Creek, The 2020 Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt Along

Half the blocks are made for my pared down version.  All the sashing pieces are made and about half the border pieces are completed.  I still haven't worked out what to do for the final border.  Even so, I should be able to finish piecing all the blocks and sew all bits and pieces together.  So a quilt top without the final border is the goal for February's One Monthly Goal

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

Grassy Creek is looking good!

Sara said...

I definitely like how your Grassy Creek is looking. The solid grey sashing sections look just as good as her strip pieced ones.

Barbara said...

I really like what you have so far. Good luck with getting it finished. I’m thinking I’m going to have a sewing day soon.


HI Kathy--I had one of those weeks where there was '5' Mondays in it--glad it's over--at least I hope so!!!!
NIce goal--
and here is a reminder--Racing starts The 9th with the Clash--and then there is the Duels on Thurs I think and next Sunday it starts for real!!! Lots of changes in teams and guys this year--so it should be a really good/different year--not boring that will be for sure!!!
stay safe-luv, di

DawnyK said...

Oooh, that will be great to get worked out in February! good luck.

Julie in GA said...

Grassy Creek looks great with your limited number of fabrics. My version of the quilt has the same number of blocks as yours. Good luck with your OMG!

Linda said...

You really are tooling along on Grassy Creek! I'll actually be sorry to see you finish it, I love it so much -l LOL!

Emily said...

Oh my gosh, the Friday that was really a Monday was the case for me last week, too! I'm glad it's over. I'm still loving that bright green of grassy creek! It's fun to see it come together.

dq said...

Oh do I love this quilt!!