Wednesday, March 18, 2020

To Do Tuesday, A Day Late

As of this morning, My Guy and I are working from home for the next couple of weeks.  It's been a bit of a madhouse at work the last few days just trying to work out details and get people set up to work from home.  I'm very lucky to work someplace where working from home is feasible, not everyone has that option. Fingers crossed that the social distancing and associated sacrifices will slow down the virus and give the US a chance to get caught up on testing and develop more targeted strategies to mitigate the spread.  

My sewing has taken a bit of a hit over the last week. Work days have been long and I've chosen to do handwork just before bed time rather than spending time in the sewing room. So no check marks this week.  

Weekly To Do List (03/20/2020)
1.  Twinkle Stars - Make binding and label - progress
2.  Mosaic Mystery - Finish Next 2 borders - progress
3.  Frolic - Make 2 dark blue blocks and start assembly - progress

There was progress on every item, just not enough to allow me to mark one off.  Progress is the goal, so I'm good with the outcome from last week.  

So what's the plan for this week?  

Weekly To Do List (03/17/2020)
1.  Twinkle Stars - Print the label, attach binding

I'm waiting on the Scientist in Training to give me the message for her friend. Now that she's on spring break, hopefully she'll have time to engage her brain for something other than school work. 

2.  Mosaic Mystery - Add third border

 The strips for the next border are cut, assembled and the two side borders have been cut to size.  This should be a doable goal this week. 

3.  Frolic - Finish two dark blue and start the light blue blocks

The last two dark blue blocks are well on their way to being done and I've got all the pieces cut for the first of the five light blue blocks that are needed to finish the quilt top. So if I can get a few minutes in the sewing room, this one should be an easy check off.   

That's my list for this week.  You can check out what everyone else has on their to do list over at Home Sewn by Us To Do Tuesday linky party.  


LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Progress is always good! Glad you are able to work from home now!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

love the progress - glad you and your husband can work from home! do a lot of quilting too on your breaks from work.

Barbara said...

Great progress. I like what you’ve done with the label so far.

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Kate! Oh, I'm so glad you can work from home. I love the new header on your website, although I always enjoy the Dresses. That was a cool project. That's beautiful fabric for the border for Mosaic. Thanks so much for linking up this week, and here's to progress on your projects. ~smile~ Roseanne

The Joyful Quilter said...

Best of luck with this week's list!!

chrisknits said...

Hoping this week's progress shows check marks! BioGirl has to do her dissertation via telecommunication on Monday. I am nervous for her!!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

So glad you are home! Love the new header on your blog!!

Marti said...

Even with all this chaos, you are making progress. That's good. How has it been working from home? Hubby has been working at home as much as possible and expects to be told soon to only work from home.

seabreezequilts said...

Hope everything is still ok where you are. Our government is gradually closing things down, even interstate borders are shut now and all restaurants/pubs/cafe's and indoor sports places had to be shut by midday today. Hope the SIT can be home soon.