Sunday, May 7, 2017

Stash Stuff for Week 18 of 2017

It's been a gorgeous weekend so far.  Unfortunately, there's not been a lot of sewing going on.  With graduation coming up there's been lots of other stuff to do. Family is coming so housecleaning is a must.  Graduation announcements really need to get out, but that meant we needed senior pictures.  The school's photographer completely botched Drama Teen's shots and the retakes (the school used a new company this year).  We talked about getting a professional photographer, but DT decided she wanted us to take her pictures.  So we drove all over town yesterday looking for great places for portraits.  I've not culled those yet, that's on tap for later this morning.  But here's one that's definitely going in the outtake folder (I think it was something My Guy said that put that look on her face.)


So with all of those things going on in the background, sewing time has been a bit limited.  I have managed to get in at least 15 minutes each day this week, but most days it has been only been 15 minutes. So my stash report for the week looks a little dismal. 

Used last week:  0 yards
Used year to date:  27.36 yards
Added year to date: 150.3 yards
Net added:  122.94 yards

At least there wasn't any incoming this week.  I will get in some good stitching time this afternoon when I take a break to watch the NASCAR race.  I'm putting borders on a quilt, so next week should see some positive numbers in the used column.  

Linking up with Patchwork Times for the weekly stash report.  


  1. That is the perfect photo to proclaim she is ready(?) to take on the world after graduation. Becoming a true adult. LOL

  2. What an exciting time for your family. Lots of changes in your future.

  3. Have fun with all of the graduation celebrations!

  4. Oh, I wish we could have had our photos done by our own selection back in the day - had the yearbook people do them and you know how bad those were (dinosaur days). What an exciting time for everyone.

  5. That photo is too cute, I would keep it just for giggles

  6. Those of us who have made it through that time of life with our kids(senior year and graduation) know exactly what it's like! Enjoy it, and your quilting projects will be there waiting for you! :) That photo of DT is priceless!

  7. Good reasons not to have sewing time! Love the picture and hope you have some good ones in there! Good for you still getting in your 15 minutes of sewing!

  8. I love that photo! I felt like that a lot my senior year, I think.

  9. You are forgiven for not getting a lot of sewing done. I think family and graduation planning are more important right now too. Cute outtake shot of DT. She has is such a beautiful girl that even silly shots look great. Love her beautiful long hair too.


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