Sunday, April 16, 2017

Slow Stitching and Stash Stuff

We are waking up to storms this Easter Morning.  We attended services last night, so won't have to venture out in this mess until the worst of it is past.  

Thank you for all the prayers and good wishes for My Guy's niece.  She's doing much better, but it will be a bit before she can be released from the hospital.  We spent most of the afternoon with her and her family.  It's nice to see everyone, but we all agreed this is isn't our preferred venue for a family reunion.  

I did get in some slow stitching while we were hanging out elsewhere.  

There hasn't been a lot of time just hanging, so I'm still working on getting the binding sewn down the first side.  I'm off tomorrow, so I'm hoping to make lots of progress on this quilt then. 

In stash news, there's another addition:

Some very pretty Artisan Batiks.  My Guy has agreed it's time for a new quilt on our bed.  I've not picked a new pattern yet, but we agreed on batiks and bright.  So once the graduation quilts are all done, hopefully I'll have a pattern picked out for this quilt.  

Here's the damage for the week:

Used this week: 1.51 yards
Used year to date: 24 yards
Added year to date:  110.3 yards
Net added:  86.3 yards

My fabric diet has gone out the window this year, but I'm OK with that for now.  Some stash enhancement isn't a bad thing since I've been mainly adding blenders.  I've also been doing really well with finding time to sew each day, 105 out of 105 days for 2017.  That's definitely a record. 

Enjoy your family this Sunday.  We definitely have plans for that the rest of today.  

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Charlene S said...

Family always comes first! Love the colors for your new quilt.

Quilter Kathy said...

Fantastic stash enhancement!
Enjoy some slow stitching while visiting with family.

Shauna said...

Those are awesome fabrics and will look great on your bed. I look forward to seeing what you make with them.

Katie Z. said...

What fabulous fabrics! A new quilt for your own bed is a great project.

The storms hit around 2am, starting with hail. We ran out in the pouring rain to pull in cars (we have hatched turkeys in the garage, so it's a little tight). The thunder rolled for hours, and it looks like we're due to repeat it all at 2 today!

Unknown said...

Beautiful fabrics. Can't wait to see what you do with them. Happy Easter.

Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts said...

Those are great stash additions! It will be fun to see what pattern you choose. I'm glad to hear your niece is on the mend - continued prayers coming her way. Happy Easter Kate!

Maker Joy said...

Happy Easter. I hope your niece continues to do well and that her recovery is quick.

The fabrics you've added are gorgeous.

Barbara said...

Awesome alliteration in that title! Somehow I missed the note about your neice, had to back up to find it. So sorry for those troubles, and I agree, that's not a good reason for a family reunion. Glad to know she'll make a full recovery, but sounds like she has a rough time ahead at least for a while. Love your stash additions. Great colors.

Bonnie said...

Hubby and I had a similar talk about a new quilt for our bed. I have put it on the back burner but I suspect I may start some serious shopping for fabrics soon. Hope you get a lot done on your day off.