Sunday, April 30, 2017

Getting Back in the Swing of Things: April OMG and Other Sewing Stuff

It's been a crazy two weeks since Easter.  I really had planned on blogging more, but it just didn't happen.  Hopefully now that my 4 cities in 4 days business trip is over, I can get caught up on all the emails and blog reading.  Laundry and prom prep were yesterday's agenda.  Drama Teen's senior prom was last night, so the afternoon was spent fixing a hook on her dress, along with doing nails, hair and make-up.

She looked so pretty.  Unfortunately it was raining cats and dogs most of the evening.  She didn't get in till really late, so I haven't heard how her evening went.  

I did finally make it to the sewing room once Drama Teen headed out for dinner with friends.  My April One Monthly Goal didn't get finished before the business trip, so it was definitely time to see if progress could be made on that front. 

The plan was to get The First Amendment to the finished flimsy stage, make the backing, prep both for quilting, box it all up and get it into the mail to Trudy for quilting.  The quilt is now ready to be shipped out for quilting. 

So four out of five is not bad.  This will go to the post office tomorrow.  So I'm claiming victory on April's One Monthly Goal, all the hard stuff is done.  

There was a lot of stitching going on the week after Easter, but there was none last week as my time was spent driving to the airport, finding my hotel, being in meetings and then back to driving to the airport again.  So here's the stash report for the last two weeks.

Used last two weeks:  3.36 yards
Used year to date:  27.36 yards
Added year to date:  150.3 yards
Net added:  122.94

I've definitely added more than I planned, but it's all been blenders.  Which are still in short supply in some color families.  

It was hard to resist these less than $3 a yard sale fabrics over at Connecting Threads.  

Or these Botanical prints that were on sale at Craftsy.  Since I've completely blown the incoming goal, I'm going to concentrate on doing better on the outgoing goal for the rest of the year. 

I was doing really well on finding 15 minutes a day to stitch till the business trip happened.  At least 15 minutes were spent stitching from January 1st through April 22nd.  That's definitely a record!  Picking back up again on Friday when I got home was pretty easy.  As of now I've managed 114 out of 119 days.  That's a 96% success rate, so I'm still making an A for the effort this year.  

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Shauna said...

Business trips can throw a real wrench in the fun parts of life. But I think you did great because you picked back up as soon as you got home.

Unknown said...

Seems to me for all the things going on in your life you accomplish alot. Congrats on finishing the First Amendment flimsy. Fabrics are lovely. Drama Teen absolutely beautiful!


What a lovely daughter and I love that gown she is wearing--nice bright color!! And congrats on getting the First Amendment quilt in the mail--that had to have felt good? So now on to the next project---
have a great day today--
enjoy the moments- Di

AnnieO said...

Your successes have definitely outnumbered missed days spent stitching! DT looks exquisite--love the dramatic dress.

The Joyful Quilter said...

LOVE those fabrics from your Craftsy score!!! Hoping DT enjoyed prom. She looked simply STUNNING in her tasteful blue dress!

maggie fellow said...

Beautiful dress and daughter - how fun. Great additions to the stash. I actually get antsy if I don't get to sew.

Val's Quilting Studio said...

A plus I give ya! DT looked beautiful!

Patty said...

Pretty daughter! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.

Denise :) said...

The botanical prints were yummy!! Your daughter looked gorgeous in her beautiful dress! Nice job on getting the FAQ ready to ship out!!! :)

Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts said...

I'm just so impressed with all your record-keeping! I know you're trying to sew your stash, but those fabrics you added will surely be used up quickly - they are so pretty. I've added way more to my stash than I've used this year. It's definitely time to stop buying and start sewing! DT looks beautiful - I hope she had a wonderful time at her prom. :)

Dar said...

Your DT looks so beautiful in her long prom dress. Your added fabrics are pretty too and they will be gone in no time. May will be your stashbusting month.

Anonymous said...

How inspiring that you've managed to stitch a minimum of 15-minutes each day. An "A" for effort, I agree!

The Colorful Fabriholic said...

DT looks lovely! Congrats on achieving your OMG and getting all the graduation quilts done on time. Your fabric purchases look like terrific stash enhancers, nice blenders.

Preeti said...

Glittering dress and a glowing smile. Perfect combination!!!
Let's get sewing :-)