Saturday, July 2, 2016

One Monthly Goal for July 2016

It's been one of those weeks.  The air conditioning went out last Sunday.  Thankfully, it was fixed by Monday evening.  Unfortunately sleeping with the windows open on Sunday hit both Drama Teen and I really hard.  Both of us have been dealing with sinus pressure and headaches since Monday morning.  Mine comes and goes, her's has been a bit more persistent.  Then Drama Teen picked up a computer virus.  Due to the way our home network was set up (on a very old DSL connection), that meant that none of us could use our computers until we either fixed the virus or changed networks.  DT's computer will have to be completely wiped before she can use it again (yes it's that bad).  We finally bit the bullet and upgraded our Internet service.  The technician who installed the new network yesterday had never seen a router like ours.  It's original from about 1995 or so.  So yes it was time for an upgrade.  

All of that to say, it's been a while since I've had a chance to hang out in blogland.  So I'm a day or so late in linking up Heidi over at Red Letter Quilts to declare my July One Monthly Goal.  

There's been a lot of progress on both the Zombies in Paris and Poinsettia quilts, but I've not had a finish since March.  Allietare is now quilted and I still haven't bound the Midnight Mystery quilt.  

Midnight Mystery Quilt
From Meadow Mist Designs

This year's Meadow Mist mystery starts up this month with fabric selection, I really should get this quilt bound and add to the finished pile.  So that's the goal for this month.  Hopefully I'll get Allietare bound as well, but the focus is on the Midnight Mystery quilt.  

Check out all other goals for July posted over at Red Letter Quilts.  


Katie Z. said...

I'm glad AC and Internet are fixed now, but I'm sorry they both broke!

Heidi said...

I am really looking forward to seeing both of these finishes Kate!