Sunday, June 5, 2016

Stash Management - Week 23 of 2016

Yesterday turned into a date day with My Guy.  We haven't done one of those in a long time. First off was a walk to look at the wildflowers.  We started off with mostly cloudy skies at sunrise.

We'd hope for sunny skies, as our plan included taking some pictures.  But you get what you get in terms of the weather, so we made the best of it.  We've had lots of rain the last few weeks so the wildflowers were proliferate.  

Purple cone flowers were everywhere.  These are one of My Guy's favorite flowers.

There was lots of Larkspur,  

and Spiderwort, one of my favorite wildflowers.  Who doesn't love periwinkle and yellow?  

There were lots of Bachelor's Buttons in blue, pink and purple.  It ended up being a much shorter walk than we intended, the sky kept getting darker and darker.  We finally decided it was time to head back to the car and home.  We made it to the front door just as the skies opened up. 

Yesterday was not devoid of stitching. My Guy opted to take his weekend ride yesterday afternoon, so I spent the "me" time in the sewing room.  The first item of business was to press the fabric for the Allietare back.  I got as far as getting the backing pieces cut and the first section pinned before it was time for continuation of our date day.  Thankfully a couple of Zombie blocks and a Vintage Dress block had been finished earlier or there would be nothing to count as out this week.  

Used last week:  1.06 yards
Used year to date:  28.49 yards
Purchased year to date:  25.75 yards
Net used for 2016:  2.74 yards

I should get the Allietare backing done this week. That will really boost the outgoing numbers. My only stash busting goal this year is to use more fabric than comes in.  So I'm on target there.  It's been going pretty well with my other goal for 2016, stitching for at least 15 minutes each day. 

Days with 15 minutes of stitching time this week:  7 days out of 7
Days in May:  28 out of 31 days
Days this year:  131 out of 156 days

Our date day ended with visit to the local arts festival.  We got dinner from one of the food trucks, listened to some of the local bands for a bit before wondering around the artist's booths.  It was a nice way to close out the day.    

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Charlene S said...

Sounds like a perfect day.

Anonymous said...

Great pics of the flowers.

Angie said...

Ahhh...thanks for the flowery eye candy!

Gina said...

THanks for the flower pics, I love walking for wild flowers too xx

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a lovely day - the flower pictures are gorgeous and I love the coneflowers too! Mine all seem to have died or have been relocated by the squirrels, so it is time for me to plant more in my garden. I have a similar goal as you do this year - not doing a ton of sewing, but working to use up rather than add to the stash. Hope you have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day. Those flower pics would make some interesting art quilts.

AnnieO said...

Very pretty flowers. Our hills are already brown and the poppies and most wildflowers and mustard are gone. Another year of drought for us. Glad you had time to wander and enjoy being away from home together. Date nights are important! Loved your green dress block.