Wednesday, May 25, 2016

WIPs: Progress and a Plan

It's the rainy season in Oklahoma.  We lucked out last night and all the nasty storms went south of us.  But we got hit with a doosy of a pop up thunderstorm just a bit ago.  The lighting and thunder were impressive.  According to the forecast, it's going to be intermittently stormy all day.  Today is also Drama Teen's last day of school before summer break.  After today, she'll be a senior in high school.  Wow, where did all those years go?   She'll be playing host to 3 other girls this afternoon for her annual "Last Day of School Watch TV and Veg" party.  Which means I'll be spending most of my evening in the sewing room.  Works for me. 

I've been in the sewing room most nights the last week so you'd think I'd have gotten more done on the Zombies quilt, but I only added one block to the collection up on the design wall. 

Zombies in Paris, self designed

The seam ripper spent a lot of time with that black and pink block, the framing strips got added in the wrong spots so they had to come off and be restitched in the right positions.  But there are two more blocks under construction at the sewing machine, so there will much more progress this week.   

Well maybe not.  Lea over Podunk Pretties has a sew along and linky party to go along with her latest tutorial, Back Porch Blooms.  I've been slowly re-organizing the sewing closet and last weekend came across a stash of red and blue 1930 reproduction fabrics bought many years ago for a BOM.  They'd be perfect for a project using that block.  This project is not on my 2016 Quilt Plan, but oh it's so tempting.  I gave in to temptation just enough to do some mock ups in EQ.  There's a very red version:

Flower Blocks are Back Porch Blooms by Lea Anne Brummett of Podunk Pretties
Quilt setting is self designed. 

And a very blue version:

Flower Blocks are Back Porch Blooms by Lea Anne Brummett of Podunk Pretties
Quilt setting is self designed. 

Lea showed off her butterfly blocks yesterday and I knew if I figured out how to add a few to my project, I'd be a goner.  So since we have a 3 day weekend and Allietare should make it to a finished flimsy stage before them, I'm going to dig out all the 1930 yardage and scraps to make one these quilts.  I'm leaning towards the blue one, but I have more red yardage.  Decisions, decisions!  

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  1. What a fun quilt! Just the name Zombies...makes it fun! Time goes so fast with kids. One day they are adorable, the next very independent teenagers! Stay in your sewing room!!

  2. Oh my gosh...a senior. What a fun year she has in store for her. I really like the little flower pot quilt. Very cute design.

  3. Cute EQ mock-ups. Don't you just love EQ for playing with designs?!!!

  4. I saw the table runner she posted with the flower pot blocks and think I might try to make some place mats with the block (I might have to scale it down by a third). :)

  5. That flower pot is very tempting, but I think I'll just enjoy yours. Either color scheme is lovely. and you don't really need to make a decision till you get the pots made anyway.

  6. So glad I popped over to your blog to see your 30's mock ups-awesome!!!


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