Sunday, May 1, 2016

May One Monthly Goal

Hard to believe it's already May.  Just a few short weeks and Drama Teen is done with her junior year of high school.  Hard to believe we've only got one more year before she heads off to college.  There will be a lot of college planning to do this summer.  Thankfully, all I have to decide on at the moment is what will be my May goal for the One Monthly Goal Challenge.  Heidi at Red Letter Quilts is hosting this very helpful challenge to pick one goal each month and see it through.  

So far I'm three for three.  I'm not sure what May is going to look like.  There may be a couple of weekend trips in there. Since weekends are my prime sewing time, I don't want to be too ambitious.  Looking at what's on my quilting plan, I really need to start stitching on next year's graduation quilts.  I've got all the fabric for the planned Zombies in Paris quilt, but it's not all washed and pressed.  Plus I'm still dithering about the pattern. This month's goal will be to decide on the pattern and start making the blocks.  I should be able to handle just getting started even if I'm out of the sewing room a lot this month.  

This was the original plan.

Adapted from the pattern Bird's-Eye View, designed by Jackie Robinson of
Published in the December 2015 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting

But I'm not loving that plain center block. It needs something.  After playing around in EQ, this is what the project has morphed into. 

Drama Teen likes this layout.  I'm still not sure about all the fabrics and the block placement, but I think we are using this pattern as the base for the final quilt.  DT has some very unique and one of a kind friends.  She assures me that this pattern is absolutely perfect for the intended recipient.  Though we may have to change the name of the quilt to Zombie Love.


Vera said...

Zombie love for sure :) Good luck with your goal!

Emily said...

I love this design! Can't wait to see what you morph it into!

Anne D said...

I have a fat quarter bundle of Zombie Love to make a quilt for me and am having trouble finding the perfect pattern. I love this one!
I made a mini using an 8 inch square as the centre of a churn dash which looks great.

Karen in Breezy Point said...

Hearts and Zombies--makes sense to me--lol! I'm sure the recipient will love it--very fun!

Heidi said...

I have been pretty tempted by this line too, your layout embraces the the fabrics really well. Looks like a fun goal!