Thursday, December 31, 2015

Non-Allietare Stitching

Before Christmas I thought that this last week of 2015 would be full of stitching.  That hasn't happened, yet anyway.  The first few days of this week became deep cleaning days (the move furniture and clean behind it kind if cleaning).  We started the process the week of Thanksgiving.  We were having company and expecting new furniture, so in the way of people who typically clean just enough to get buy we realized that there were a few neglected areas in the house.  We targeted the master bedroom and the attic this week.  It's been worth all the effort, 4 bags of trash hauled away and 3 trash bags already delivered to Goodwill. 

There has been some time in the sewing room each day.  Most of the effort has been on getting the binding stitched down on Back to Square One.  That was finished last night.  So that will be my last finish for 2015.  No pictures yet as it was 10 PM when I finished the binding.

Like a lot of quilters, I started Bonnie Hunter's Allietare Mystery.  And of course with all the holiday prep, fell way behind.  So I've done just a bit of stitching in an effort to catch up.  Still a long way to go on that front.  

In the midst of those two projects, slow and steady progress has been made on the McCalls Mystery UFO from 2012.  

McCall's Mystery Quilt, From McCall's Quilting Magazine
Jan/Feb, April/May, June/July 2012 issues

I just need to sew the top three rows to the bottom three rows and then I can start piecing the border blocks.  I haven't decided if I like this quilt or not.  The border blocks have a lot of the dark blue, so it will change the look quite a bit.  So I'm holding judgement till I get that on.  This is a big quilt.  Guess I should have paid more attention to finished size.  My main goal with this project was to find a home for the 6 yards of the focus fabric.  It had been in the stash for a while and I wanted to use it up.  What's left will go on the back.  

My Guy has promised me a break in the deep cleaning today since it's New Year's Eve.  But that's so I can do some laundry and get the Christmas tree down.  Still I hope to have some time for stitching this afternoon and evening as we wait for the ball to drop.

Linking up with Needle and Thread Thursday over at My Quilt Infatuation.  Now it's time for that second cup of coffee while I go check out what people have going on this last day of 2015. 

Have a happy New Year!   


Gretchen Weaver said...

That is a pretty quilt, maybe not a WOW! quilt but whoever you gift it to will be thrilled to have it.

I should do some 'deep' cleaning too but since the sun isn't shining here in the MidWest, the dust doesn't show. Blessings, Gretchen

Angie in SoCal said...

Love your focus fabric. You are getting a lot done. You deserve to have your feet up this evening, hand stitching on something as you wait to usher in the New Year. Happy New Year!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Pretty quilt - love the florals. I pulled fabrics for the BH mystery, but then decided not to get into it - I was on a relaxation break.

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

Happy New Year! I have been trying to do some deep cleaning too. We've all going to have clean houses soon! I think the quilt is lovely, and will be even better with the border and quilting.

Katie Z. said...

Well done! No deep cleaning here; regular cleaning and laundry with the whole crew home is keeping me hopping.