Wednesday, October 21, 2015

WIPs - Schedules Make a Difference

It's been two weeks since my last works in progress post.  That surprised me till I realized that October hasn't been a great month for spending time in the sewing room.  Typically the concentrated sewing time happens on the weekends, but due to numerous factors, the weekends haven't been very productive.  Plus as darkness is descending earlier this time of year, it's been harder to keep the energy level up later in the evening and I end up going to sleep in the recliner rather than making it up the stairs at the end of the evening.  So I conducted an experiment starting on Monday.  Rather than spending the early evening reading blogs and responding to emails, I've been heading up the stairs after dinner and my evening chores are done.  That's definitely made a difference the last two nights and there's been more progress in the sewing room.  We'll see if I can keep that up once time change is here.  Then it will be dark when I leave work.  I'm definitely not looking forward to that.  

There has been progress.  Only one block needs to be finished to be caught up with the Midnight Mystery quilt. 

Midnight Mystery Quilt From Meadow Mist Designs

The last block is at the sewing machine with just one more black strip to sew down.  

Another Wonky Star for the QOV block drive at Alycia Quilts is up on the design wall.  

Wonky Star Block:  QOV Block Drive sponsored by Alycia Quilts (tutorial is here

There are two more at the sewing machine in various stages of assembly.  I'm not sure how many of these I'll make.  The goal is to make as many as possible by October 31st.  These are due to Alycia by November 11th.  

Lastly, I'm almost caught up with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks for September.  

Twinkle Stars, Tutorial by Andrea Feldbush of Soscrappy

The last orange block is almost assembled and two of the brown blocks for October are in progress.  Hopefully I'll be caught up on these by the end of the month, so I can get started on November's color at the start of the month.  

The change in my evening schedule seems to have made a difference.  I made some other changes in my work flow in the sewing room and those are helping too.  Now if I can just figure out how to not nod off when reading blogs and answering emails after my sewing time, I'll be in good shape.  

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Cheryl said...

Your mystery quilt blocks look great!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I think it is that hibernation factor with the time change - I slow down too. All very pretty, but still in love with the Twinkle Stars!

Val's Quilting Studio said...

You look pretty productive to me girl. Oh man, I've nodded off every night this week...missing the END of my 9 o'clock shows! LOL!!!

Barbara said...

Well, you've accomplished a lot. Nice work. I really like those wonky stars. So much fun.

Gretchen Weaver said...

You are making some progress. Those stars look so bright, cheery and colorful. Blessings, Gretchen

Nicole said...

Sounds like you are figuring out a system that works for you! Already you've gotten a lot done. Kudos!

Gina said...

Great blocks. I try and get an hour sewing in after dinner too. It's surprising how much you can get done over the week xx

Anonymous said...

I like your choice of bold colours. Colours bring the blocks to live. :)

Julie in GA said...

I have a similar routine of spending time quilting after dinner/dishes are done. Just an hour or so most nights can get a lot done.
All of your blocks look great, and you know how much I love your Twinkle Stars!

Jayne said...

Here I am reading blogs in the is so time consuming!! I think I should change that up too! Love the Twinkle Star blocks!