Sunday, October 4, 2015

Stash Report - Week 40 of 2015

It's been a long week without a lot time for stitching.  We went to Tulsa yesterday to celebrate My Guy's birthday.  By the time we got home both Drama Teen and I weren't feeling well.  I'm pretty sure it's sinuses for both of us, but she's in a lot worse shape than I am.  I spent the evening asleep in the recliner, DT was pretty much passed out on the couch.  My Guy was keeping his distance from both of us.  I'm feeling better this morning, DT doesn't sound like she's any better. I do like fall, but the first two weeks of October are usually pretty miserable, there's something blooming that just closes up my sinuses.  

Thankfully there was some stitching early in the week. That's all I have to report as outgoing today.  

Used last week: 0.52 yards
Used in September:  1.71 yards
Used in October:  0 yards
Used year to date:  29.98 yards
Purchased year to date:  10.25 yards
Net used for 2015:  19.73 yards

Not a bad week.  It's actually been a better year than last year, which is good because last year was my worst year ever for fabric usage.  Just 4 more yards out and I'll exceed what I used last year.  So far I've been holding steady on not adding to the stash.  I'm committed to ending the year in the black.  

Though the change in seasons is playing havoc with my sinuses, the cooler temps have brought back the clouds which always go missing over the hot summer.  They make for some very dramatic sunrises and sunsets.  

I'm linking up with Patchwork Times' weekly stash report. Check out how everyone else is doing with their stash management.  


  1. We have been suffering here too. My girls called it the Spring and Fall Drips.

  2. I, on the other hand, am relieved that our recent rains have taken whatever pollen was bothering me out of the air. It does seem to hit at specific times, though, doesn't it. Hope you get to feeling better and back into action.

  3. Good job staying firm. I will admit, I do feel a bit of an urge to order some fabric (hello, wide backings!), but I'm going to resist.

  4. Our season must just be ahead of yours by about two weeks or so. I'm just now starting to finally feel like I can breathe normally! Hope you all are feeling better soon! And funny -- I compared my stats today, too. *That's* why I like keeping up with them!! :)

  5. Your numbers are looking very good, and I admire the way you have resisted buying new fabric. Hope both you and DT feel better soon.

  6. Your numbers are looking very good, and I admire the way you have resisted buying new fabric. Hope both you and DT feel better soon.

  7. Your picture of the clouds is gorgeous. I think Oklahoma has many wonderful, beautiful spots. Congrats on exceeding last year's numbers.

  8. Sorry to hear your sinuses are bothering your family. I have them here too. Soon they will be just a distant memory as we freeze our noses off cleaning sidewalks and cars of the snow and ice! Now doesn't that make you feel better. lol Good numbers and for holding strong. I'm there with you for zero by year end of added stash. We'll see if we make it.

  9. My grandson was sneezing a lot yesterday--the pollen count has been high for weeks! Good job on getting more fabric out than in!

  10. Good outage this week. I hope you continue to feel better and DT gets to feeling better soon.

  11. Hope you and your daughter both recover soon - I usually have more issues in the spring than the fall, but I know how miserable it makes you! You've done a great job keeping your purchases at bay - good luck getting through the last part of the year that way too!


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