Sunday, February 1, 2015

Stash Report - Week 5 of 2015

It's the first day of February and I find myself contemplating how well I'm doing on all those goals I set back on January 1st for 2015.  One goal was to do more housework, laundry and sewing during the week rather than spending the entire evening in the recliner.  That one has been mostly successful.  I've been sewing more during the week and the laundry isn't piling up as badly.  So I just need to maintain that one.  

The stash busting goal is also on track.  No fabric in for the month of January.  The last time I went a month with no fabric purchases was mid 2013.  So though my outgoing isn't anything to crow about, I'm at least in the black with more out than in so far for 2015. 

Used last week:  0.37 yards
Used in January:  2.61 yards

The get healthier goal has been a bit rocky.  I've done a good job of taking low calorie snacks to work each day and staying away from the donuts everyone seems to bring in regularly (well at least 75% of the time), but I've not been doing as well on getting in more exercise.  There are a few factors there like the cold and Drama Teen's twice weekly physical therapy that have made it harder to do well there, but both of those should be going away soon.  

The one goal I'm most remorseful about is not finishing up a UFO in January. All the blocks of the 2014 Rainbow Scrap Sampler quilt have been sashed together, but I decided to replace my normal strip borders with a pieced border and that's taking a lot longer.  Finishing a quilt a month is really unrealistic for me, as how much sewing time I can get in is really unpredictable, family and work both have prior claims.  But for some reason, the failure to meet a January deadline is really bothering me.  The plan was to use A Lovely Year of Finishes to help motivate me to work on the UFOs, but the requirement of that quilt along is that you finish the project. Not always a realistic goal for my projects.  So rather than be frustrated because of that quilt along, I'm just going to accept that UFOs will be completed on whatever pace I can manage and just focus on making progress on that list. 

Maybe my motivation ought to be reducing the height of the "in use stash" pile.  

This is just the yardage that's called for in my UFOs and WIPs, not the scraps and fat quarters that have been set aside.  

I wonder how much yardage is in that 18"?  

Linking up with Judy over at Patchwork Times.  Then I hope to start working on shortening that stack some.  


MartiDIY said...

That you can work, keep up with the laundry, keep up with DT, AND get in some quilting is pretty remarkable. I wouldn't beat yourself up about the UFO. An idea on the exercise - when I did PT, family members could pay a low fee and workout while they waited for their spouse or child to finish therapy. It wasn't advertised so you'd have to ask.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on not adding fabric to your stash, you are doing a good job on your goals. It is hard to find regular quilting time when you work and have a family to keep up with. That is an awesome stack of fabric you have there, made me have to wipe the drool off of my face :) I think you have a good goal that works for you when you decided to shorten the stack. Good luck on shortening your stack!

Angie in SoCal said...

I can so relate to this post, Kate. When you said: "So rather than be frustrated ... I'm just going to accept that UFOs will be completed on whatever pace I can manage and just focus on making progress"... that was just why I set up WIPs Be Gone to focus on progress and not get discouraged by the mountain of UFOs I've created. This year I'm trying not to start anything new, and it's hard with all the free patterns being offered. I, too, am working on a pieced border of a WIP. Good numbers on your destashing too. Come on over to my linky and share your progress with us. There's quite a few that are like minded about finishes - although of course we'd all like some of those too. In time, they will come.

Katie Z. said...

You do have a lot on your plate. I can't imagine working full time and still getting everything else done.

Enjoy whittling down that in use pile!

Shay said...

Your post is timely Kate . Ive been thinking the last couple of weeks about how I can maximise my free time on weekends , and I came to the conclusion that trying to get more done after work might be the answer. Im going to try that this week, and see how it goes.

I also didn’t buy a scrap of fabric in January.

Im the person that brings the donuts in to work so Im failing in that area. However Im happy to report Im eating more fruit and vegies and drinking more water.

Life is busy though for most of us, so dont be too hard on yourself about not meeting your goals 100% of the time.

AnnieO said...

I think having multiple projects going can sometimes be a double-edged sword! But you HAVE been using that stack of fabric --pat yourself on the back for that! Congrats on not adding stash :)

Dar said...

I think you did well on accomplishing most of your goals. I love your pile of yardage for your UFOs. That's an original way to measure. I hope you keep showing us the numbers on the ruler as it goes down. Just do your UFOs as you can and not be so hard on not finishing one a month.

Lynne said...

Just working towards getting UFOs finished is definitely the goal -- making quilts is a hobby and we (both you and I) need to remember that and go easy on ourselves! Sure, I had a great January with five finishes but it was summer break so I had five days a week for sewing. It would have been sad if I hadn't finished something! I am trying to remember that I can't keep up that pace now that all my activities have resumed -- I had only one day in the sewing room this week and it didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped!

Bonnie said...

WOW! That is quite a stack of fabric in use. Do you keep it in a separate space? Or does it normally reside with the project? Just curious. I can't imagine actually getting a quilt a month finished when you work full time and have Drama Teen at home still. Making progress on projects is much more realistic.