Monday, February 16, 2015

Design Wall Monday - A Tale of Two Walls

About 6:00 last night, I heard the sleet hitting the sewing room windows.  By 10:00 there was sleet on the ground.  This morning we woke to snow covered grass.  There's no school today, so Drama Teen finally got her wish of a snow day.  Which is very fortuitous, as she wasn't making it to school anyway.  She has a very nasty cold.  I felt so bad for her yesterday, she was absolutely miserable.  Hopefully she has turned the corner and will start feeling better today.      

It was almost a perfect weekend for stitching, which is good because the next two weekends are going to be a bit busy.   On the small design wall there has been some progress on both Grand Illusion and the last Inverted Star block. 

Grand Illusion
A Bonnie Hunter Mystery

Just two more HSTs needed before the Inverted Star block is ready to stitch together.  

On the large design wall.  All the flying geese blocks for the pieced border destined for the 2014 Rainbow Scrap Challenge Sampler have been finished.  


 These won't be the whole border.  There is still more piecing to be done. It will just be different pieces from here on out.    

That's it for me this week.  Check out Patchwork Times for more design wall updates. 


Barbara said...

So sorry about have a snow day and not feel good is a bummer. I was really glad you said you needed two more HST's for your inverted star. I was looking at it saying "something isn't right there". I should have known you'd be right on top of it.

Julie in GA said...

So many beautiful projects coming together! I can't wait to see your RSC Sampler and also your Inverted Stars. Grand Illusion is looking very pretty with your non-scrappy fabric choices.

MartiDIY said...

So close to a finish, and it's looking superb. I am so curious to see how the flying geese border is going to look on your rainbow quilt. I hope you give us a peek at it soon.

Shay said...

Your rainbow border thrills me every time I see it. Great progress this week Kate.

Here's hoping DT recovers quickly from her cold.

Anonymous said...

Everything is coming along nicely, I cannot wait to see your finished quilts! Your inverted star looks a little sad with the two hst's missing :)
I hope that DT feels better quickly!

Sue Daurio said...

Love the Grand Illusion, that's coming along nicely!!

Bonnie said...

No fun being sick especially on a snow day! Your GI is looking so nice.