Sunday, November 2, 2014

Stash Report - Week 44

We survived Halloween and waking up to 5 sleeping (well 3 sleeping) teens Saturday morning (two had been up all night and were still talking when My Guy walked into the kitchen to make coffee at 4:30 AM).  My Guy and I took Friday off to run some errands and take care of some stuff around the house.  He and Drama Teen did some last minute pumpkin carving Friday afternoon which turned out really neat.

Drama Teen had decided we needed Jack Skellington and his dog, Zero (of Nightmare Before Christmas fame) for this year's jack-o-lanterns.  Not bad.  How do you think they compare?   

The trick or treaters certainly liked them.  

Even with having Friday off, not much happened in the sewing room.  We spent most of Friday on errands and getting ready for DT's party.  It was early afternoon Saturday before all the girls were up and conscious enough to go home.  So there hasn't been a lot of stitching this weekend.  I do hope to spend some quality time in the sewing room this afternoon.  Even with all the going's on, I did manage to use some fabric this week.  Most of it going into the back for Scrappy Stars.  

Used last week:  2.63 yards
Used in October:  7.77 yards
Used in November:  0 yards
Used year to date:  28.54 yards

Hopefully I can break 30 yards by the end of the week.  That would leave me just 10 yards needed to break my goal of 50 yards out by the end of 2014.  

How are you doing on your stash busting goals?  Check out all the other stash reports over at Patchwork Times.  


  1. The pumpkins look great - what a fun idea.

    It will be nice to have a 11 year old UFO completed.

  2. Great looking jack-o-lanterns!
    You are making good progress toward your goal for the end of the year.

  3. Cute pumpkins and good numbers. You can make your goal by the end of the year, I'm sure!! I have confidence in you.

  4. Your pumpkins look fantastic- I really must do that next year !

  5. Fun pumpkins! Sadly, I've stopped carving them since my kids are grown, but still got a lot of trick or treaters! Glad you survived the teen (non)sleepover !

  6. I had to laugh over your comment about them not being conscious enough to go home until after noon. I do love the pumpkins. Very clever.


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