Saturday, April 5, 2014

Catching Up

It's been a very long week.  Other than checking email via the I-phone, there's been no contact with the Internet since last Saturday.  So this weekend there will be a lot of blogs to catch up with as well as email responses to write.  Why no Internet the last week?  Let's just say I needed a break.  There was a point last Saturday where I hit overload.  Too much work, too much running around; just too much stuff!  Writing the blog became something that I "had" to do on top of everything else, not something I "wanted" to do.  So I took a vacation from the computer and the sewing room this week.  I spent the evenings with my family or reading some fun and frivolous books.  

Now that I've recovered from the overload, there's March's NewFO to show off.  

Plus fess up to my less than steller performance on March's Something Old/Something New goals. 

Never too hot to Stitch!

My Something Old goal for March was to get Jigsaw to a finished flimsy stage. 

Jigsaw didn't that far, but it did progress.  Just two more rows to complete.  Hopefully I can get at least that much done this month.  Drama Teen hasn't decided on borders yet, so I'm not sure I can get those added this month.  Jigsaw was my NewFO for October of 2013.  

My Something New/NewFO  goal for March was to not start something new.  I started 12 NewFOs last year and felt that a few finishes were needed before I started something new. But then I saw Kevin the Quilters QOV block drive.    

All Kevin asked for were 5 blocks of a very simple pattern.  Having just finished Mon Ami, I had some nice red and blue fabrics that would fit in with his fabric guidelines that just begged to be made into QOV blocks. 

So even though I had said no NewFO this month, how could I pass up the opportunity to use up some fabric scraps, make some fun blocks that I didn't have to make into a quilt, plus contribute to a really great cause.  If there is a reason to do something you said you weren't, I think that last one is a really good one.  

So though I didn't meet my March goals, it wasn't a bad month.  Since Jigsaw isn't done, it will be my Something Old for April.  At this point I'm not planning to start something new.  But maybe another block drive will pop up and inspire me.  One never knows. 


Kate said...

I was wondering where you were on Monday, but I figured breaks happen. :) Jigsaw is looking good! And block drives are the best! Little bit of work but someone else finishes it off!

Denise :) said...

I can *totally* relate to your overload and need to shut it down. I think that was the majority of 2013 for me! I really can't wait to see Jigsaw finish up -- it's so fun! The QOV block drive was a good way to accomplish some stress-free sewing!! :)

Shay said...

We all hit our limit at some point . Good on you for being able to identify you were on overload and that something had to give. Your follow through sounds like it was just what you needed.

Im looking forward to seeing the Jigsaw Quilt as a finished top. Its going to be amazing.

Lynette said...

I need to make some Kevin blocks, too. Your jigsaw looks nice! It's growing, and that's what counts. :)

Barbara said...

I love those QOV blocks. Very striking.

Kevin the Quilter said...

Hey, we have all been there! I know I sometimes have to step away from the computer as well! Thanks for the shout out, and your blocks are AWESOME! Love those fabrics!

libbyquilter said...

after reading this post i may have to round up some fabric and contribute a few blocks to the QOV project myself. thank you for making me aware of it.
i was happy to see that i have plenty of time in which to sew some up.

love the way that all of your sampler blocks are looking on the design wall. so pretty~!