Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday Archives - Borders and Birthdays

I've been having a problem with the "blahs" coupled with a bad case of "too much" (work, cold weather, teen drama, etc).  In an attempt to break that viscous cycle, I was looking for some new avenues to challenge my current status quo.  I've been seeing a few posts for the "Tuesday Archives" hosted by Val's Quilting Studio.  

Val's Quilting Studio

So this week I'm going to play along and take a look at past posts for birthday's and borders.  

In looking the blog archives, the only birthday post I could find was one for My Guy from last year.  I had meant to blog about Drama Teen's birthday this year and didn't.  Now that she's a "mature" young woman, she doesn't want sleep overs or birthday parties.  Instead she's opted for a day of ice skating with a few friends.

I have action shots of the event, but they all ended up blurry. DT is in the blue jacket on the left.  This was birthday number 15.  How do they grow up so fast?  

Now for the border part.  When I discovered blogging, I didn't jump right into it my hosting my own blog.  I started out writing posts over at Connecting Thread's "Quilt With Us" community.  It seemed to be an easy way to dip my toe into the whole posting thing.  I wasn't sure that I had that much to say.  While I was part of that community, I participated in a BOM.  I don't normally do pieced borders, but it made such a dramatic setting, I really wanted to make this one.  


I've never blogged here about this quilt.  It's one of my favorites.  I love the blue and yellow color scheme and the border frames the blocks nicely.  The pattern is by Amy Heaton and is available at  Electric Quilt's My EQ Boutique.  If you look up the pattern, you'll see my version as one of the examples at the bottom of the page.

For more recycled posts, check out Val's Quilting Studio.  


Larri said...

They do grow up fast! Hope Drama Teen had a wonderful celebration.

Your quilt is gorgeous. I love the border. It's the perfect frame for your blocks.

Hope today finds you less 'blah' and more 'hurrah' ツ

Val's Quilting Studio said...

Hi Kate....I smiled to know my linky gave you a little me and play time this week! (I smiled as I'm the mother of TWO daughters who are a year apart...and soooo remember the exhaustion of those teens years...ugh!) I too love the yellows and blues of your quilt and the border really creates the perfect frame. So glad to have met ya!

AnnieO said...

DT picked a fun birthday venue--but isn't she on the right in the photo?
Blue and yellow is such a classic cheery combo. Your version is lovely!

Nancy said...

Your quilt is lovely. I am biased to quilts with blues. But the border really helps MAKE the quilt. Glad you blogged about it.

Shay said...

I think when I "met" you DT was only 11 - so Im wondering where the time went too!

That quilt is so "you". I enjoyed seeing one of your never seen before creations.

Barbara said...

Beautiful quilt. And whoa! 15! I can hardly believe it.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

I love the borders - they really frame that quilt so nice! And yes - stop them from growing up!!

Hope the blahs go away! Hugs!!

Podunk Pretties said...

Love the yellow and blue quilt. My fave color combo. My spare bedroom is yellow and blue quilt display room...LOL!

make.share.give said...

Very pretty! Blues and yellows are perfect together.