Sunday, March 2, 2014

Something Old, Something New - March Update

It's cold and it's icy with more of the same projected for the rest of today.  And then there's the possibility of snow on top of that for later today.  It's a good thing we have no place to go.  I'm looking forward to just staying home.  There's some laundry that needs to be done, but I'm hoping to spend this afternoon stitching.  Yesterday we were in Tulsa cheering Drama Teen on in a volleyball tournament.  The third in as many weeks.  Thankfully we have a three week break before her team plays again.  

It's the second day in a new month, so it's time to follow up on my efforts to finish the old and start something new along with Lynn over at Never Too Hot to Stitch.  

Never too hot to Stitch!

My "something old" goal for February was to get Jigsaw to the finished flimsy stage. I didn't get all the way there, but I did make good progress. 

pattern by Alyssa Clancy for Lehmann Quilting

The "something new" goal was to start this Tonga Atlantis Kit.  

I pulled the kit out, stuck the pattern up on the design wall and stared at it most of the month.  Now I'm not sure I like it.  So the whole thing went back in the NewFO drawer for now.  Instead, I opted for a pattern that would use up some of my oldest stash fabrics. 

The pattern is called Poinsettia Allure by by Judy Bloc from the December 2013 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting.  In going along with Lynn's theme of learning new techniques, I'll have to learn how to use templates to make this pattern.  

So I pretty much blew both the "something old" and the "something new" goals set at the beginning of February.  I'm hoping I can do better with my March goals.

1.  Get Jigsaw to the finished flimsy stage
2.  Don't start anything new

Goal one is probably attainable now that almost half the Jigsaw blocks are made.  It may be harder to not start anything new this month, but I've got 21 projects on my WIP/UFO list and I'd like to get it back down closer to 15. 

Check out all the other something old/something new progress over at Lynn's Never Too Hot to Stitch.     


  1. Your puzzle quilt is beautiful.....keep working on it. If you feel the need to start something new, make it a small quick project where you can get some instant gratification! A new wall banner or table runner always work for me!

  2. I like your new header ... it makes me feel ready for spring and warmer temps, even if they're not quite forthcoming! The Poinsettia Allure is a stunner! I can't wait to see that in progress!!! :)

  3. (Love the header) The Tonga kit is pretty! I *am* a blue person, though, so it's hard to make me dislike something in blue. Still, I think it's a kit I'd rather work with in the middle of summer dog days for some cooling effect, so I probably would have set it aside, too. ;D The Poinsettia magazine pattern is really pretty! Are you doing it in the Christmas colors, or using another color scheme? Busting stash is always a good thing. And don't beat yourself up about not meeting your goals - the idea is to get us to move things forward, which you did! The puzzle project is cute and the batiks are perfect for that.

  4. I love the kit fabrics, but if inspiration isnt striking - it just isnt striking!

    I cant think of enough adjectives to describe how beautiful your puzzle quilt is!

  5. Hmmmm......I don't know......I think I would pull that Tonga Atlantis Kit back out.....that looks GORGEOUS! But, Poinsettia Allure is really pretty too! You KNOW I can't wait to see DT's Jigsaw completed!

  6. but you did do something, so that counts! I've consistently failed on my new goals, I keep choosing something to start, but then not starting that but starting a load of other projects instead!

  7. This post resonated with me. Hum, I can't tell you how many UFOs I have but I like the idea of trying to lower the number rather than eliminate them all. I have 2 quilts I want to do soon -- 1 is totally new and a challenge and the other is using a set of blocks I won. Hum, something new and something old. Good luck with you plan to not start something new this month.

  8. Sometimes we just have to be realistic with what we can achieve in a given time frame! I rarely am! I wonder how much I can achieve with moving day set for April 15? ;-)


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