Sunday, January 26, 2014

Stash Report: January 26, 2014

It's not exactly been a quiet weekend around the Life in Pieces house.  Drama Teen has been madly working on her science fair project which is due this week.  So in addition to my normal mom duties, I'm her Excel and statistics consultant.  However, I did get to practice the normal mom duties of pressing her dress, acting as hair consultant and taking a few photos as she prepared for her first high school dance. 

Hard to believe the little tom boy who wanted nothing to do with dresses, dress up or anything "girly", would willing put on a formal and wear heels.  When she was 5 she proclaimed that she'd be wearing a tux to her prom because you couldn't have any fun in a dress.  They certainly grow up fast.  

On the sewing front, I did get a bit of stitching done while DT was off at her formal.  So there is a bit out this week.  

Used last week:  0.83 yards
Added last week:  0 yards

Used for 2014:  2.36 yards
Added for 2014:  26.5 yards

Net Stashed for 2014:  24.14 yards

Thankfully there was no new fabric in this week so I can start working towards being back in the black.  I have been diligently deleting all the emails from the on-line fabric companies to avoid any temptation.  So far that's been doing the trick.  Hopefully I can maintain my "no new fabric" path for awhile.  

I'm linking up with Patchwork Times for Stash Report Sunday, hop over there and check out the state of stashes from all over the world.  


DeeDee said...

Your daughter is beautiful! We have boys so never got to experience dressing up a daughter for a dance, I think it would be very emotional to send her off to her first dance. Glad you had sewing to distract you.

Linda M @ Pieceful Kingdom said...

I can relate to the tomboy daughter! Your daughter is lovely! Congratulations on sticking with your "no new fabric". I'm working on it here too!

thea said...

hope she had a wonderful time at her first dance .. she is growing into a beautiful young woman.

Deleting the emails is a good way to remove at least some of the temptation.

Quilter Kathy said...

She is gorgeous! Hope she had lots of fun, even in a pretty dress!!

Marg said...

DT is growing up. She looks beautiful, hope she had a wonderful time at the dance.

Shay said...

DT looks absolutely GORGEOUS!

make.share.give said...

Hope she had fun! Beautiful picture. I've not bought any fabric in 2014, but planning to next weekend when we can make it out of our neighborhood.

Denise :) said...

She is *very* beautiful! Isn't funny how much they grow and change? I remember when my daughter was eight -- instead of putting her undies in the laundry hamper, she'd turn them inside-out for another wear . . . because she knew if they got washed she'd have to fold them and put them away. LOL! My how things have changed!!!! :)

libbyquilter said...

your daughter is lovely and looks happy to be going to her first dance. i hope that she had a good time.
having had a tom boyish little girl myself i can relate to the reluctance to dress up at a younger age . . . you're right, they grow up fast and things change.


Kevin the Quilter said...

Drama Teen looks gorgeous! They certainly do grow up so quickly!

Lynne said...

DT looks fabulous. I hope she enjoyed her first school dance. Doesn't seem that long since you had to change her nickname on the blog and here she is -- a young woman.