Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July - 2013 Year of the Finished Project

Never Too Hot to Stitch!

It's time to link up with Lynn over at Never Too Hot to Stitch and confess how well things are going with the year of the finished project.  June was a really good month for me on the finishing front.

1.  OSU Quilt                 Done                  

     Finish binding

2.  Sweet Treats             Done
     Make binding
     Sew binding on

3.  Calico Cats               Done
     Make Binding
     Sew Binding On

4.  Neutral Gems
     Make 23 blocks         Only 9 blocks completed

5.  Mon Ami
     Make 12 blocks         Only 3 blocks completed

Three quilts were finished last month, bringing my 2013 total up to five completed quilts.  Only two of those were quilts started last year, three of them were recent starts.  At least that's three quilts that will not be on next year's UFO list.  I'm pretty happy with how the finishes are going.  I hope to get one or two more done by the end of the year, but I'm not going to rush to get them.  

So what are the goals for July?  We have a busy month with a lot of family stuff on the weekends, which is my prime sewing time.  I finished up all of the quilts that I had deadlines on,  I'm thinking that it might be wise to lay back a little bit this month.  So just three goals this month.  

1.  Back to Square One
     Finish Clue 4
     Finish Clue 5
     Finish Clue 6
     Finish Clue 7
2.  Mon Ami
     Make 3 blocks
3.  Neutral Gems
     Make 5 blocks

Number 1 is a pretty ambitious goal, but it's good to have at least one "stretch goal".  Hopefully it will inspire me to keep a regular presence in the sewing room this month.  

So what are planning to work on that might get you closer to a finish on a project?  Link up over at Lynn's if you want to bask in your success or if you need moral support it's a good place for that as well. 


ZeedleBeez said...

Your calico cats are sooo cute! What a great quilt!

thea said...

Seem like attainable goals for July. Hopefully the family things and sewing will be able to work together.

Lynne said...

Always wise to take time available in to account when setting goals! Smart woman!

newsurfiegirl said...

Great work getting things finished. Good luck with your July goals!

Shay said...

I think after your stellar month in June just a few goals for July is probably a wise move !

You've been so productive this year so far.

Janet said...

Great progress for June! I like all your finishes.