Monday, July 29, 2013

Design Wall Monday - July 29th

Is it really Monday?  Time flies when you are having fun.  After a week on the road, I'm ready to be home, even if I have up-teen million loads of laundry to do.  Summer vacation was our last trip before school starts.  We've been gone just about every weekend in July for one reason or another.  I'm looking forward to being home most of August.  

Since we have been gone so much, there has not been as much progress on projects as I would have liked.  I had hoped to get caught up on Judy's Back to Square One mystery quilt, but I haven't even finished up step 4.  This is what was up on design wall #2 before vacation.    

Back to Square One
by Judy Laquidara (pattern available here)

I've only finished 8 of the 20 square in a square block #1 for the second border.  It will be really hard to catch up now, but I'll see how it goes in August.  I really like how this project is turning out, so I'll keep working on it till it's finished.  

Now that our summer traveling has come to an end, I hope to have something new up on the design wall for next week.  Linking up with Patchwork Times' weekly design wall post as is my habit, check out all the other links to see what other quilters are up too this week.  


  1. I love this one. Great colors. This is the first one I saw when I got up, beautiful :)

  2. So pretty, Kate! Best of luck that August is less crazy :)

  3. It's great to travel. The only vacation I've had is going on reyreats. Fun for me, plus I have a lot more to show on DWM. Your Back 2 Square One Is very nice. I didn't do that Judy L quilt. My Big Star is still waiting for borders...

  4. Love that quilt! The colours just sing.

    Hoping this month is less busy for you although with back to work stuff happening I can see you're going to be just as busy as always!

  5. Love the colors. I wasn't sure it was an actual block at first .. thought it was a design on the computer, very stunning!

  6. When I started reading and you mentioned laundry I remembered I hadn't finished mine yesterday so I got right up and turned on the dryer to "fluff" what was left there. I really like what you have on your wall and I know that once you get back into it, and are not running off to travel some more, you will move right along on that quilt.

  7. stunning colors in this one~!!~
    it's going to be beautiful.


  8. Wow, we were at the same point!!!

    This will be 2nd weekend for marathon piecing, down to ladt clue and then I cam put it together. Hopefully we will both be caught up this time around.


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