Monday, March 4, 2013

Design Wall Monday - March 4th

It was a quiet weekend.  Not much going on, we've been looking at it as the calm before the storm.  The next 2 weeks will be hectic.  This week is Drama Teen's stuff.  Battle of the Books tonight, State Science Fair on Friday and a volleyball tournament on Saturday.  Next week is My Guy's stuff, he took over the organization of an  educational outreach program for 5th graders.  So for three days he'll be doing science demonstrations.  I'll be joining him on the science demos for one day, plus set up next weekend and take down on Thursday.  There probably won't be much sewing going on the next couple of weeks.  

Some sewing happened this weekend.  The 3rd border has been added to the Sofa Quilt and part of border 4 is attached.  This quilt has gotten so big it doesn't like to stay up on the design wall, so no picture this week.  I made quite a bit of progress on the OSU quilt.  

Pattern is A Day at the Spa
Designed by Carolyn S. Vagts
found in the February 2013 issue of Quilter's World

These blocks are pretty quick and easy to make.  I decided to sash as I go.  I don't usually work that way, but since these blocks all look so similar, assembling as I go seems to be the best way to avoid mixing up the blocks. 

That's my design wall for this week.  See more design walls over at Patchwork Times.  


  1. The orange fabrics really glow, even in the DWM thumbnail photo. I have some wonderful florals that would work well in a block like this.....hmmmm.....

  2. Are you using a pattern for this quilt? I love the blocks. My weekend will be crazy and hectic too. No sewing since we will be at the track Fri-Mon.

  3. I love this pattern and I found it free online. I think your fabrics are awesome!!I am going to make this. Maybe more than once, lol.

  4. Hope the DT's events are fun as well as busy :) Spring Break should be coming up as well, right?

    Great looking blocks--and getting a step ahead with the sashing is clever.

  5. Wow, you and the family are going to be busy!!! Have fun with all your goings on. Life gets in the way of sewing sometimes, huh? Anyway, I hope you enjoy yourself and your husband and DT do too...

    I like your orange quilt and I think it's smart to sash it along the way. I really like the black sashing. It looks great.

  6. Sounds like a crazy couple of weeks. Good thing you had a peaceful weekend to get you energized. Love the OSU quilt; it's looking great!

  7. I love the OSU quilt more and more every time I see it. Looks like you've had a busy week with some great results.

  8. Your OSU quilt is looking good. Have fun with all your parenting duties the next few weeks. Believe it or not, I rather miss sitting at soccer games, helping at class parties, and driving kids all over town.

    I didn't get my quilt sandwiched. Haven't even got all the rows put together yet.

  9. Your OSU quilt is striking! I can't wait to see it finished.

  10. You're inspiring me! I promised Todd that if Alabama won the BCS game, I'd make him a collegiate quilt. Time to put my money (errr...fabric) where my mouth is. Yours is looking fabulous! Looking at your layout reminds me of a pattern looks *very* similar--and I think it also came from Quilter's World--it was a Boy Scout quilt. The same big, geometric blocks outlined in black strips. It was different but would also make a good collegiate pattern. Thanks for the reminder! :)


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