Tuesday, November 6, 2012

15 Minute Challenge - November 6th

Morning came earlier than I was ready for today.  Drama Teen played her last volleyball games for her middle school last night.    They won against both teams they played. DT had an excellent night, including scoring 12 consecutive points during the second match.  What a way to end the year!  But we didn't get home until almost 11:00, so it was late when we got to bed.  I'm sure we'll all be dragging by the time we get home tonight.

I'm done being the proud mama, so we can move on to the 15 Minute Challenge results.  I didn't have to work over the weekend, so that helped a bit with finding a bit more time to sew.  I'm still fading a bit during the middle of the week.

I'm up from 3 days last week to 4 days this week.  The lack of stitching on Mondays the last 2 weeks have been due to volleyball.  Those should free up now that the season is over.  If I look back over the last few weeks, the pattern pretty clearly shows that I'm not finding my 15 minutes on Wednesday and Thursday.  It has to be that the recliner is keeping me prisoner on those nights.  Maybe I'll have to avoid sitting in it this week, see if that gives me any motivation to head upstairs and sew a bit. 

How's your motivation doing?  Are you gearing up for holiday sewing?  I decided this year to do only small sewing projects as Christmas gifts this year.  I gave 4 quilts last year, but just don't have the energy to do that again this year.  Finding time to sew is going to get a bit harder with all the baking for Thanksgiving and shopping for Christmas.  I've not really given much thought on how to fit in some stitching with all the other extra stuff.  With My Guy on the road a lot this holiday, he's asked me to do the Thanksgiving baking this year, which is normally not on my to do list. Do you have a game plan for how you are going to find your 15 minutes to sew?  Here's Mr. Linky, share how things are going or not going as may be the case. 

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2. Amanda
3. Thea
4. libbyQ
5. Lesley

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Lynne said...

Congratulations, DT! What an awesome way to finish the season!

Denise :) said...

Way to go, DT!! Love your background today -- fun stuff!! :)

Cyn said...

Congrats to your DT. Great way to finish up the season.
Love your pic - great for Election day.
I'm trying to do my 15 minutes first thing in the morning, then get on with my day. That seems to help me get more sewing in.

Shay said...

DT - You rock babe!

I planned to link up this week Kate but after a stellar weekend of sewing all my projects are in various stages of completion and I cant find my camera!

seabreezequilts said...

Congratulations to DT. I am trying not to think about Xmas yet, I'm in denial. Hate when you are just too tired to do anything but just sit, at least you did have a bit better week this week.

thea said...

Congratulations to DT on a great game! She must have been so excited.
Not sure how I'll get my Christmas stuff done. I think I'll make a list this week and try and figure out some time tables.

libbyquilter said...

wow~!!~your daughter did a kick butt job~good for her~!

i'm late linking up this week as i had a long trip out of town yesterday but i did manage to pull off the whole seven days once again. will i be able to pull that off during the holiday season? i can only hope.

i just realized yesterday that it was nearly thanksgiving so i'm not really sure what is going to happen when suddenly it's christmas~!
i do have a set of crazy quilted christmas stockings that i've been working on all year long and they are getting closer to done. since they are really my only hand sewn holiday items this year i don't have any good excused not to get them finished.
i have managed to put off figuring out what i am going to do for my guild's annual christmas bazaar . . . which now that i think about it is less than two weeks away . . . eeeks~!


Marti said...

Tell your daughter congratulations!

For about 3 seconds I thought I might be able to post a 15 minute challenge next Tuesday. Then it dawned on me that I didn't do any sewing today, I just gave fabric to my neighbor for a quilt she is making. Oh well, this kitchen remodel can't drag on forever. Or can it?

lesleyworth said...

Well done DT! (and Mama too!). I'm seriously hoping things settle down at my house as I have at least 2 quilts to finish for Christmas presents (and have to be mailed off, and one needs to be done by the end of this weekend, gotta love deadlines!!), and finish my Christmas lap quilt (thankfully I don't decorate until December, so I still have time)! I'm looking forward to it all!