Tuesday, November 13, 2012

15 Minute Challenge - November 13th

Yesterday was what I call a Monday Squared.  I felt rushed all day.  We were late getting out the door yesterday morning, and that feeling of being a few minutes behind hung on all day.  I was late getting away from work.  Drama Teen was not checking her phone, so she wasn't waiting at the door of the library when I got there.  That meant finding a place to park and walking in to find her.  By that point, we were running so late that we had to make a mad dash home where she ate and changed in just about record time.  I did manage to get her to the first night of club volleyball practice on time.  From there it was on to Staples to look for T-shirt transfers for a work related project.  Of course, they are out of the dark T-shirt transfers.  On to Hobby Lobby, which has them, but a brand I've never used.  I stop to get gas because the little light is on, then run into the grocery store to pick up what we need for  breakfast and lunch, go back to the school for the Club Ball parents meeting, finally getting home at 7:45.  Then find that the milk has leaked all over the back seat of the car (it was cold enough last night that I figured 30 minutes in the car was not going to be that much different than being in the fridge).  The rest of the evening was spent decorating T-shirts for a team event at work.  I am hopeful that today will be much less rushed.

How has the stitching been going?  Not too badly.

I managed to find at least 15 minutes to stitch 4 out of the last 7 days.  I debated about counting my T-shirt making last night.  It's a crafty endeavor, but not at all quilt related.  In the end I decided it didn't count.  Though it was fun to do something a bit different.  The T-shirts are for our Lean Team competition.  Every year the company fitness center sponsors this competition to help people maintain their weight over the holidays.  Each team is weighed as a group on one of the company's big warehouse scales.  We'll be weighed again early in January 2013 to see if we kept our weight constant or maybe even have lost a little.  This year they are having a competition for the most creative sign, so my team decided that we'd put our sign on matching T-shirts for the group.  

Obviously, real life has been distracting me from sewing much.  Are you having the same problem?  Or are you on target?  Link up and share how your sewing endeavors are progressing or not as the case may be. 

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5. libbyQ

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Lynne said...

I had plans for today but they didn't work out as I had hoped! As you said, life gets in the way! Or, as John Lennon said, " life is what happens while you're busy making other plans!"

Denise :) said...

I wonder if I could include my design time on EQ as 'time'?! You did have one heck of a Monday. Yikes! Here's to a slower, calmer Tuesday! :)

thea said...

I knew there was a reason I hate Mondays .. so crazy. In spite of life, you had a good week sewing. Thanks so much for sticking with this every week.

Kristin Aquariann said...

You've been busy, busy, busy! Me too - my blog commenting has been way down the last few weeks. :(

♥ aquariann
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Shay said...

ugh...if my day started like that I probably would have turned around and gone back to bed. Glad you made it through the day!

Kate I seriously think the Tshirts count.

lesleyworth said...

sometimes days are just crazy! good on you for hanging in there! love the idea of the T-shirts (and I think you should have counted them) and a fabulous idea to keep everyone "lean" over the holidays!

libbyquilter said...

yes, of course the t-shirts should count~!
i have had that 'running behind' feeling all week long which explains this tardy link-up.