Monday, September 10, 2012

Design Wall Monday - September 10th

It was a quiet weekend, not much going on.  We attended the 100th year anniversary service for Drama Teen's school on Sunday.  Between the service and the following reception, that took up most of Sunday morning.  But that left Sunday afternoon for sewing. 
 Amethyst, block 2, of the Grandmother's Choice BOW was finished.  Sewing with templates is something I haven't done much of.  I may need to start marking the stitching lines at the corners because I'm not quite getting those right.  But the Amethyst block came out OK as long as I apply the galloping horse rule. 

Grandmother's Choice
Barbara Brackman BOW
Most of the machine time this weekend was spent on UFO #11, the Layer Cake Quilt Along project from 2010.
Layer Cake Quilt Along
By Moose on the Porch
I finished framing all the blocks and started assembling the blocks into rows.  I'm not in love with this quilt, I'm hoping the borders will help tie all the disparte blocks together.  The layer cake included both colorways of this line, but the two colorways don't mingle well to my mind.  But I'll finish it and probably use it to practice doing my own quilting, something that's been on the to do list for several years, but I've not actually done yet.  In a number of ways, this quilt has been a good learning experience. 
That's it for the design wall. I'm linking up with Patchwork Times as usual and hope to have some time this evening to check out all the eye candy posted there.   


  1. I think the two Grandmothers Choice blocks look lovely together. If you don't really like your sampler top you could always use it for the back of a quilt!

  2. Oh Kate, your Amethyst block is gorgeous!! I like the dark background with the lighter star points, too. Your layer cake qal project is terrific -- I especially like the block on the very bottom left -- is that like a basket block? Have a great day! :)

  3. I love the amethyst block! I think I'm going to paper piece mine - usually helps me on the y-seams.

  4. I find I use the galloping horse rule quite a bit. Also, the 5 second rule, but that's for food. LOL!

  5. The amethyst block is beautiful! The contrast of dark/light is really nice. I think I'll be observing the Galloping Horse rule on all my blocks for quite some time. LOL

  6. Your Grandmothers Choice blocks are looking great! No horse needed. Keep at it on your sampler, it s amazing. How much more together things seem when the top is done.

  7. The Granmother's Choice blocks look great and from here I don';t think you need to apply the galloping horse rule.
    The layer Cake blocks look really good now that they are all framed.

  8. Great BOW blocks...I'm a great fan of the galloping horse rule! Enjoyed seeing your layer cake blocks!


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