Tuesday, September 11, 2012

15 Minute Challenge - September 11

Today marks the 11th anniversary of 9/11.  My heart and prays go out to those who lost love ones in New York, Washington, and on flight 93.  The course of so many lives were altered that day, it's hard to take in all the implications.  So I'll remember and honor those that are no longer with us by trying to appreciate all the simple and not simple things that make up each day given to me. 

It's Tuesday which means it's time for the 15 Minute Challenge report.  I  didn't do a good job last week of making the most of the time I had. 

But I do have the opportunity to make better use of my time this week.  

How did you do this week on finding time to do something crafty you love?  

1. Kate
2. Lesley @ Quilt-a-Daisy
3. Cyn;-) in S. Calif
4. Thea
5. Amanda

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  1. I don't know ... four out of seven ain't bad, right? I like the graphic you've used for your note. Have a great day, Kate! :)

  2. it looks like you made some great progress for more than 50% of your week! way to go!

  3. I figure "some" is better than 'none'. Maybe you'll do better next week.
    I finished off a UFO of 9 years! and began a small crochet project... but it all keeps me busy. Oh and some embroidery for a Quilt Friend Mini Swap. So for me it was 5 out of 7. A good week.

  4. Just realised forgot to link in. Work is nuts this week and won't be much better till end of September, but I have sewing deadlines to meet. Good luck for sewing next week


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