Saturday, July 14, 2012

Foto Finish - Summer's Here

It's a swim meet morning, so I'll have to get moving in a bit.  Not as early as usual since Drama Teen's not swimming this weekend due to a nasty sinus infection.  She's been sick since Tuesday and finally turned the corner yesterday towards feeling decent.  However her coach said he'd rather she fully recover so she can swim next weekend at the division meet.  Consequently, we don't have to be at the pool until about 8:30 rather than the typical 7 am for warm ups.   

Hopefully, I have time to get in a quick post on this week's Foto Finish theme, Summer's Here.  This image seemed to fit the theme best:

Can you guess whose head is underneath those legs?  Of course it's the Drama Teen.  We spent a week at one of the state parks last year for vacation.  One morning we headed out to the swim beach to just hang out and keep cool.  Drama Teen spends a lot of time in the water due to swim practice, but she doesn't often get to just goof around in the water as she did that day.  Unfortunately, DT's antics were cut short by an impending rain storm that rolled in late in the morning. 

Time to get moving, I have a few things to do before we head over to the pool to help out with this morning's session of the swim meet.  Have a great weekend.  Check out all the other summer posts over at Cat Patches


Denise :) said...

Haha!! This is definitely a cute capture!! Love those feet waving up in the air! Have a great Saturday, Kate! :)

Barbara said...

As someone who also swam competitively, I sympathize with the no goofing around part of your post. Looks like she's having fun here. Great shot.

Lynne said...

Great photo. Hope Drama Teen is feeling better soon - as a sinus sufferer myself I can certainly sympathise.

Junebug613 said...

Cute shot! Hope her sinus infection is gone soon. I just had one in June and it was a nasty bugger.

Shay said...

Hope DT is fully recovered soon. Swimming when you feel blah cant be that nice.

I would kill for the kind of weather that would allow me to do a duck dive at the moment. Great shot.