Saturday, July 21, 2012

Foto Finish - Reflections

It's another swim meet morning.   This is the last meet of the season, unless the Drama Teen makes a qualifying time for the Age Group meet next weekend.  She's not even close at this point, but she has been known to pull off the unexpected. 

This week's Foto Finish was taken during one of Drama Teen's unexpected successes.  Participation in Science Fair is mandatory at her school, but entry into the District Science Fair is optional, but it's worth extra points.  She dutifully entered and ended up getting tapped to go to the State Science Fair.  She and one other 7th grader from her class made the trip to the fair.  Their science teacher was thrilled.  She gave both girls roses after the judging was complete.  Drama Teen was experimenting with her camera phone and the mirror.  She was hoping to get a shot that would be cool wallpaper of her rose for her phone. 

I love the look of concentration on her face and how it shifts a bit as you see it from two different angles simultaneously.  DT didn't place at the State Fair, but she enjoyed the experience.  Plus she's determined to go back next year and do better.  I'm sure my kitchen table will yet again be pressed into service as a science lab starting some time in October. 

That's it for me this week.  It's time to get Drama Teen up and moving, plus pack up the swim bag.  I'll have to wait till this evening to check out all the reflections posted over at Foto Finish, since there is no Internet access at the venue.  Have a great Saturday and stay cool. 


Dana Gaffney said...

Very cool picture. Science labs in the kitchen are so much fun, when I was teaching I think my kitchen was used more for science than for actual cooking.

Lynne said...

How exciting Making it to the State Fair.

She's a chip off the old blocks as far as photography goes! Isn't it funny what we instill in our children?

Barbara said...

I so enjoy your posts about DT. She sounds like a very energetic young lady. You must be very proud of her. That's a great shot.