Saturday, March 24, 2012

Foto Finish - Green

I do love blogging, but being lap top-less is a bit trying.  A week ago Friday, the shop told me the computer would be fixed by last Tuesday.  I made the mistake of saying that I would not be able to pick up the computer until Friday as I would be out of town.  When I stopped yesterday on the way into town after our spring break trip to pick up the supposedly repaired computer, the secretary said, "You said you were going to be out of town, so our repair guy moved on to another project.  Your computer won't be ready until sometime next week."  After I asked about why they ignored my comment about picking up the computer on Friday, she went and got the manager.  He did say that if the guy got it done he would call me today and he'd make a special trip into the shop so I could pick it up.  I'm not holding my breath.  So at the moment, I'm still without all my files and software programs.  I have learned my lesson about doing frequent backups of the files I use regularly, weekly backups is currently sounding like a very good idea. 

Enough ranting. Barbara over at Cat Patches has proposed "Green" as this week's optional Foto Finish theme. Thankfully our spring break trip to Eureka Springs allowed for some wonderful photography. 

I have no idea what type of tree this is, but it's located on the beautiful grounds of the Crescent Hotel.  We didn't stay at the hotel, though we have in the past.  We had lunch up in Dr. Baker's Bistro on the top floor of the hotel.  Lunch was quite yummy.  Outside a drenching rain was falling.  We discussed coming back to photograph the grounds later and then just decided we'd make do with the umbrella and take what shots we could in the rain.  Yes we both got soaked, but we both took some beautiful pictures of the tulips (I'll share those next week since Barbara has proposed the theme of "spring").  Shooting in overcast skies does result in nice saturated color, even though it is a bit uncomfortable and you do have to be careful about getting water droplets on the lens.   Drama Teen thought we were both nuts and she opted to stay dry in the car while we were running around in the rain.  No complaints from either of us, though that may be due in large part to the wine tasting that followed our rainy photo excursion. 

Have a wonderful weekend.  Check out all the green going on over at Cat Patches


  1. I think I've seen trees like that in Hawaii...

  2. Very nice, Kate. What a photographer won't do to get the shot. Bummer about your laptop. I'd be mad too.

  3. Thats a very unusual tree (I'll have to keep an eye out when I get to Hawaii !)

    Wine tasting obviously had a positive effect on your willingness to run round in the rain to get the perfect shots !

  4. That's annoying about your computer, fingers crossed that it will be ready asap!
    I have no idea what that tree is but the new growth is really pretty.

  5. a beautiful 'green' photo~!
    i've not seen this tree before but it looks gorgeous~!!~



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