Tuesday, March 13, 2012

15 Minute Challenge - March 13th

It's been quite a week here at Life in Pieces.  Most of last week and the weekend was taken up with Drama Teen's trip to the state science fair.  Sunday, my lap top imploded.  Well, maybe not completely, I think the video driver is what went south.  I've taken it in for repair and hope to know today just how bad the situation is.  My Guy is graciously allowing me to use his desk top computer in the mean time.  The two most annoying things about not having the lap top are that I don't have access to any of my files (I'm hopeful that even if the computer is trash, the files are at least recoverable) and secondly, I don't have access to my graphics programs.  So this week's challenge report will be a bit bland.

Even with all the rushed scramble to revise DT's science fair display, madly do a few loads of laundry so we could pack, and being gone for 4 days, sewing did actually happen last week.

Tuesday - borders for purple/yellow quilt
Wednesday - borders for purple/yellow quilt
Thursday - Grandmothers Flower Garden hexies
Friday - nada
Saturday - borders for purple/yellow quilt
Sunday - Coffee Cup Quilt
Monday - Coffee Cup Quilt

Other than Sunday, most days I really only spent about 15 minutes in the sewing room.  But still, I've got the first of three borders on the purple/yellow quilt and have cut enough background fabric for about half the blocks I'll need for the coffee cup quilt.  Not a bad week at all considering how much was going on. 

Next week is spring break in our neck of the woods.  Plans for next week aren't definite yet, but it's likely I'll be away from home for a couple of days.  Considering the uncertain lap top situation, I'm going to put the 15 Minute Challenge on spring break next week too.  So no post next week.

So how was your week?  Did you find a few minutes to play with fabric, yarn or other undertake some other arty endeavor?   Here's Mr. Linky, you know what to do. 

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  1. oh boy~!!~ it really does sound like you have a lot going on. so sorry to hear about your computer and hope it isn't too serious. i know how much of a panic i feel if i think about mine going down~!

    you did outstanding considering all of the other 'irons' in your fire.

    enjoy your spring break.


  2. Sorry to hear about your computer, fingers crossed, it's nothing major.
    Life sounds very busy at Life In Pieces!

  3. Hate that when the computers go down - we depend on them so much. Sounds like fun to have science fair project. : )

  4. I hope your computer is fix-able. Your experience reminds me I need to do a back up to our external hard drive.

    Despite your usual busy life you still did well this week. Im hoping my slight activity parlays itself into something bigger this week. If we’re taking the week off I should have something significant to report in a fortnight surely!

  5. Okay, I am sad to hear about your laptop, but happy that you guys got to go to the state fair. What a neet experience for her, Drama or not. Of course, I may be a little biased here.

    Have fun on your spring break, and I hope I remember that next week when thinking of posting. Trying to get in a rhythm here and getting excited about that rhythm. Have fun!

  6. Wow -- you really have had a week, huh?! I hope the laptop is an easy fix and glad you had the *mad skills* to pull together the science fair display ... among all the other things! Have a great spring break! :)

  7. Good week! in spite of the computer. Sorry to hear about your computer. I hate the way we're so dependent on them.

  8. I think after reinstall the driver will solve your laptop problem. No worry....
    Great progress and can't wait tom see the finished quilts!

  9. I'm sorry your laptop crashed and I hope it something simple to fix.


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