Saturday, December 10, 2011

Foto Finish - Holiday Decor

What a week!   The week started with a faulty heating system at work.  My office was 58 F on Monday and Tuesday.  By Wednesday it was in the low 60's.  They were still working on it Friday.  I'm hopeful of having a reasonably warm office when I get back to work on Monday.  We've had the normal sport practices, but this week was also Kiddo's Christmas program and then one evening of Christmas shopping for the Angel tree at work.  I wish the weekend was going to be slower, but it's a swim meet weekend, with 7 AM warm ups.  I'll need to go drag Kiddo out of bed in few minutes. 

With all that going on, it's been hard to get into the Christmas spirit around here.  No tree up yet.  No packages wrapped yet.  Since today's Foto Finish theme is holiday decor, I had to go looking at previous year's pics, since there is definitely no decorating going on here at the moment. 

This is actually a very small part of the holiday display at my sister's house last year.  She has a significant collection of all things gingerbread related.  You can just make out the gingerbread baker in the background.  My sister goes all out for the holidays, she decorates almost every room in her house.  Me, I do good most years to get a tree up. 

I'm hopeful that our tree will go up this afternoon.  Things should slow down some this week. If it doesn't, things will definitely start looking up the week after since we'll start our holiday vacation.  I hope your holiday preparations are in full swing.  Take a break, grab a cup of hot chocolate and hop over to Cat Patches for some quick holiday cheer. 


Lynne said...

WM put up the lights outside today so we have made a start! Older Grandson was very impressed!

Marti said...

Wow, a real gingerbread house. Your sister is amazing.

I don't have up a tree either, and I don't think I'm going to this year. A ceramic tree and one made out of a fence picket will have to do this year. My decorations are all outside this year.

Sounds like you have had a cold week at work. Did they at least give you a little portable heater? Brrrr!

Barbara said...

Very sweet, Kate. I've known people who decorate like that. Pretty to look out, but more energy than I have. Be sure to take time out for yourself in your busy life.

Jackie McGuinness said...

Great photo. I agree with Barbara, takes too much energy and since we go to my sister's for a few days I stopped putting up all that stuff. Esp. when you are working as well.

Shay said...

LOVE that Gingerbread house. It's so cute. Tell your sister if she ever gets sick of it -I can find a good home for it here.

I must confess I have done less decorating this year than in years past too.

Pat said...

What a cute little gingerbread man! My sister is like yours. Every room in her house is decorated, no matter what the season/holiday. She's an interior designer. Go figure.

Marg said...

I still haven't put up any christmas decorations yet.
Maybe this afternoon.
THat is a really cute gingerbread house.
I hope your aircon is back up and running properly when you go back to work on Monday.

AnnieO said...

Finally got all my household decorating done today! But I only do the downstairs, not the whole house--I think those five rooms is enough :) Decorating the tree tonight....hope you get some warmth in your office--ours is like that every day because it is old and drafty, takes 2/3 of the day before it is comfortable. Sometimes I go outside to warm up :)