Tuesday, December 13, 2011

15 Minute Challenge - December 13th

Can you believe that?  Only 11 days till Christmas!  I'm not ready, but there is comfort in knowing that I'm in just about the same place as last year and I still managed to get done what had to get done before Christmas without too many late nights or panicked shopping trips. 

On the other hand, I'm not feeling real great about this week's challenge report. 

Yes only two days where anything sewing related happened.  It was just one of those crazy weeks where the rest of my life didn't mesh well with my quilting life.  Those weeks happen occasionally. This week looks to be much more conductive to sewing than last week.  

I do plan to continue the 15 Minute Challenge in 2012, though I'm playing with making some changes for next year.  Nothing firm yet, just some thoughts floating around in my head.  If you have any thoughts about the challenge you'd like to share, I'd be interested.  

So how did your week go?  

1. Pat
2. Liz
3. Kate @katiemaequilts
4. Amanda, Seabreeze Quilts
5. Thea
6. Marcia
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Pat said...

I hope you haven't felt too guilty at not sewing and have enjoyed your little break. I've really enjoyed participating in 15 Min. I'll be interested to see what changes you want to make.

SpinningStar said...

I started mid year, but I am enjoying it even though sometimes it seems that I am too wordy and repeat some previous posts. But, that's me.

But again, I realize that there are some small things that I do on a daily basis which are quilt related, though not actually sitting down at the machine to sew.

But, I'm looking forward to seeing your changes...liz

Shay said...

It's silly season Kate so dont be too hard on yourself. My blogging life is suffering at the moment because of competing priorities. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

seabreezequilts said...

I'm with Shay, something has to give and a little Christmas Cheer at this time of year is to be expected. I have a work show this evening don't know if I am going to get any sewing done tonight either.

Keep Stitchin' said...

Shay said it so well... don't pressure yourself when it's not necessary! Do what you can, enjoy it and like you said, you managed to get it done last year, you'll do just fine this year! I still haven't been able to do my Christmas shopping yet, and DD#1 is expecting their baby any day now... how's that for pressure! lol

Marti said...

Eeek! I hadn't thought of how many days are left. That makes it look like it's right around the corner and I'm not ready either.

I had planned on getting back to my quilting this week, but since I haven't wrapped a single present (and have only bought 3), I think I'd better put Christmas on the front burner.

Looking forward to your changes, and being part of the challenge next year.

thea said...

It could have been worse .. at least you got two days in. and, on top of that, you linked up and put yourself out there. Hard to believe Christmas is almost here ... I probably should do some shopping :).

Kristin Aquariann said...

I am in awe that Christmas is almost here, too! My week has been busy - I went on vacation to Myrtle Beach last week and there is much to catch up on!

And uh, I linked my Wordless Wednesday photo on your Linky and just realized it's probably meant for another hop. Sorry!!