Saturday, November 12, 2011

Favorite Things Friday - Saturday Version

What a week!  Thank goodness it's Saturday.  I've been AWOL the last few days.  It's not so much that it's been busy, I was just tired of being on the computer.  I spend a lot of time on the computer at work, so many of us do these days.  Recently my work days (and a few nights) have been full of report writing.  I must have reached my limit on written communication this week.  Though I love the written word, trying to get those words on paper can be amazingly difficult.  Especially when you have to write within the lines so to speak, my division has a style guide that must be adhered to.    So answering emails and writing blogs was really not something I wanted to do the last couple of nights. 

So what did I do last night instead of rushing home to write an FTF post?  I did one of my favorite things instead.  After work, Kiddo and I went to the local Hastings (the only bookstore in our small town) to hang out for a couple of hours.  I love wandering around book stores, thankfully Kiddo does to.  You can pick up the random volume that has an interesting title or cover and read a bit.  I like to skip around, a page here, a paragraph there.  Maybe it's too weird for me, maybe it doesn't fit my mood at the moment, or maybe the pages draw me in and it ends up in the pile that has to go home with me. 

Both Kiddo and I arrived home with a few new tomes to enjoy.  Then I proceeded to partake in another favorite.  I put on my pjs, grabbed one of my new escapes routes, then spent the rest of the evening here

with a murder/romance story that kept me riveted for most of the evening. 

It seems that reading last night has purged my palette so I can write today.  So Shay forgive me for being a very late FTF this week. 

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thea said...

Great favorite! both the book store and the reading. sounds like a wonderful evening!

Lynne said...

Ah reading. One of life's great activities!

Shay said...

My FTF post was almost a Saturday version too Kate!

My dream job is to own a book store so I can understand why spending a couple of hours in one choosing books is a favourite.

I love reading and after I finished one of my degrees I didn't read anything technical for 12 months!Sometimes you just have to escape . Sounds like a perfect way to end a busy week.

Kate said...

I worked at a Hastings in Altus and Spokane - love that store. I got to alphabetize the books. It's disturbing how much I enjoyed that. But like you said, I got to read a lot of backs, or sometimes flip through a bit. :)