Thursday, November 3, 2011

Favorite Things Friday - November 3rd

Thursday night and counting.  Friday will be here soon.  After the whirlwind of the last few weeks, there are actually no "have to be at" events this weekend.  We can stay home all weekend!  That in of itself is a pretty good favorite thing.  But I do have something else in mind to share.

My Guy and Kiddo have a wonderful father/daughter relationship.  He constantly claims he doesn't understand her and she consistently claims she doesn't get her Dad.  See something in common already!    Kiddo does know how to amuse her Dad.  My Guy loves kitchen gadgets.    She found a couple of kitchen gadgets that her Dad couldn't possibly live without.  This is what he got for his birthday last month. 

Which was appropriately relabeled as the -

- Alien ice cream scoop. 

Every Dad needs one of those.  Dads everywhere also need-

-Mr. Well Dressed Alien Pizza cutter. 

Needless to say, My Guy was absolutely thrilled with his new kitchen gadgets.  Another unassailable example of how well Kiddo and My Guy truely understand each other. 

What's my favorite thing?  The look on his face when he opened the bag, which was not photographed because I was laughing too hard to hold the camera steady! 

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  1. They are both very cute.

    My DD and her dad have a great relationship too! And my dad and I also had a great relationship. Isn't it wonderful?

  2. that's so sweet. and I love the kitchen gadgets I have a few as well.

  3. really cool that they have a great rapport (even if neither of them realize it!).

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I love weekend like that! It's so wonderful when dads and daughters have a great relationship. Mine always have - they've done things together since Ariel was an itty bitty thing - it's great to see!

  5. I think this post is so cute. I love hearing about dad's that are really engaged with their kids. It makes me so happy! Glad your Guy and Kiddo have that sort of relationship.

  6. Oh my gosh, those are soo cute! Love it!

  7. That is really sweet, and I love those gadgets!

  8. Love the alien ice cream scoop!

  9. Dads and daughters..nothing like that anywhere else! Alien kitchen gadgets--hilarious!


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