Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stash Report - October 10th

This week the stash report is a  good news, bad news type of deal.  The good news, nothing in this week!  The bad news, not much in the way of fabric out.  I only finished two of the purple/yellow scrappy blocks.  I've been working on sewing together the 2008 BOM quilt, and I've already counted all of that fabric.  So here are the numbers for this this week: 

Used this week = 0.2  yards
Added this week =  0 yards
Used Year to Date = 34.8 yards
Added Year to Date = 345 yards
Net Used for 2010 = (310.3) yards

Only one more seam to sew on the 2008 BOM quilt and I'll have all the rows assembled.  Then I'll be able to add the borders and maybe even get the back pieced.  So next week's stash report should look much better in the fabric out column. 

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Kathie said...

Hey at least nothing new was in so it is still progress.

Tamera said...

Well, nothing added is nothing gained, he he he.

SpinningStar said...

well, you did get some sewng in this week and that's important therapy! Have a great week!

Charlene S said...

You are just eating that rhino .2 a yard at a time. So continue sewing and soon you will lots to show as long as nothing is added.

Katie Z. said...

Just keep thinking about how great next week will be!

Shay said...

Agree with everyone else - you didnt add anything. That's progress. I'm trying to envisage what 345 yards of fabric looks like and I keep seeing Spotlight (which is what we call Joanns here )

You go girl!