Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Making a Layer Cake to Bust Some Stash

Only in quilting can you talk about making a layer cake to reduce something!   I decided to participate in the Layer Cake Quilt Along being sponsored over on the Moose on a Porch's blog.  So I spent some time last night rummaging through my fabric tote bins looking for the accent and border fabric.  I bought a layer cake a couple of years ago to make a quilt for kiddo's school auction.  I had quite a number of squares left over after the quilt was done.  Turns out I had bought some yardage from the same collection, so that will be the border.  Finding the accent was hard.  Nothing really seemed to work well.  I'm going to try white as the accent and hope it's not too stark against the darker fabrics.  The layer cake and border fabric are a from a fabric collection called Patti Paisley. 

So that's one new project that will run into May of next year.  I have two BOMs that should finish up at the end of the year, so it will be nice to have something else already started.  Everything for this project will from the stash, which if you've been looking at my weekly stash reports is definitely a step in the right direction.

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Shay said...

Love the Paisley. Actually all those frbrics work well together. What about Black accent? I've never used black myself but I'm planning to soon.

Also darn you Kate for your stash report. After reading it I decided to tot up how much fabric I have. I gave up at about 130 yards because I was only about 1/3 rd of the way through and I didnt want Mr. P to see my calculations laying round the house.

Maybe I'll secretly finish that at some point...