Friday, November 25, 2011

Favorite Thing Friday - November 25th

If you live in the US, I'm guessing you are either sleeping off all the turkey and dressing from yesterday or you are out shopping on Black Friday.  Either way, I hope your Thanksgiving holiday was wonderful.  If you live elsewhere in the world, Happy Friday. 

Since it is Friday, so it's time for FTF with Shay over at Quilting in My Pyjamas.  I didn't have to think too long to come up with this week's favorite.  My Guy's family has a long standing tradition of taking a walk after Thanksgiving dinner.  All the women (with the occasional assist from one of the guys) pitch in and clean up the kitchen, then most all family heads out for a walk. 

My Guy doesn't go far without his camera.

Neither does Kiddo.

Daisy dog goes along as well.

After walking off dinner, we head back to the kitchen for pie and coffee.  After that?  I took a much needed nap. 


  1. We usually walk too! Great way to get ready for dessert. ☺ Hope your day was wonderful. Happy Friday! ☺

  2. What a nice tradition. I'm afraid it would be rather unpleasant in Oregon. It rained hard here and the wind was howling.

  3. The last thing I feel like after eating too much is exercising...ok lets face it the last thing I feel like doing any time is exercising.

    What kind of pie did you have ..Im living vicariously through all of the Thanksgiving food posts this week's been cheese on toast and crackers here !

    Im glad you had a relaxing time . You've been way too busy lately!

  4. Good to get out and stretch the legs after filling them with turkey and pie :) Sounds like you all had a great time!

  5. Our family tradition after a big turkey dinner (that's what we have for xmas dinner) is a nap, walking would be a much healthier option.

  6. What a great tradition! It looks like you had a beautiful day for a walk afterwards as well. Love the photos!

  7. What a great tradition! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Lovely tradition to do it altogether...very special. Like Shay I was wondering about that pie????

  9. What a lovely family tradition!


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