Thursday, November 4, 2010

Favorite Things Friday - November 5th

It's Favorite Things Friday!  I'd say already, but it's been a long week.  I'm so looking forward to checking out eveyone's favorites.  Plus, it means for those of us in North American, just one more day till the weekend!   Come to think of it those are two of my favorite things, Favorite Things Friday and weekends!  But as favorite as those two things are, they are not my most favorite for this week. 

My husband is a big coffee drinker, me not so much.  But over the years, I've come to appreciate a really good latte.  There is a little coffee shop in town and one of the barristas, Danny, makes the absolute best lattes.  Danny introduced me to a little known (at least in Oklahoma)  facet of latte making, latte art.

Isn't that cool.  It tastes even better than it looks. 

The next one isn't one of Danny's, it was created in a little coffee shop in Savannah, GA.

Yesterday, Danny made my lunch latte.  Isn't it sweet? 

The art doesn't make the latte taste any better, but it's fun to watch Danny poor the foamed milk and see the pattern appear.   It's one of my favorite things

If you are curious, here's how latte art is created and here's some other examples.  Enjoy. 

Check out Mrs. P over at Quilting in my Pajama's for some other wonderful favorite things.  


  1. Latte art is big here. It's the done thing at most coffee shops. It's clever isn't it and they are so pretty. I always wait with anticipation to see what pattern is on the top of my coffee.

  2. We get latte art down under quite often, if you get good coffee you usually get latte art

  3. Mmmm...latte art! Good lattes and art go hand-in-hand, don't they? Great favourite! Happy FTF! :o)

  4. Clever people aren't they? Over the years coffee has grown on me and I do love to meet friends for a coffee at a nice coffee shop these days.

  5. I love my latte, I don't get the art very often though.

  6. I love the latte art! I miss all these things because I don't drink coffee or dairy products. Nice to see them featured in your favorite things though!

  7. so pretty and looks yummy!
    Do you have an espresso machine at your house?

  8. Oh coffee - how I love you so.

    I think it's amazing that making coffee has really become an art form in the last 5 years or so . I love all the amazing stuff they do with the tops of the foam these days. Some are incredibly creative.

    I'm a mochacino girl myself.

  9. I love latte art. Lattes are one of my favorite things. I dont indulge as often as I used too, but I still love them. And count espresso as one of my addictions second only to fabric.

  10. I love a Latte!!! I only have one a week but it sure is nice :-)


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