Monday, November 1, 2010

Design Wall Monday - November 1st

Last night was trick or treat in our neighborhood.  We had a fair number, but not as many as usual.  In our community, several neighborhoods decided to trick or treat on Saturday, so I think it was a bit confusing for those who drive around to the different neighborhoods and that cut down on the number we saw last night.

Since yesterday was Halloween, that means today is November 1st.  On the one hand, I'm thinking "EEK, What am I doing for Christmas stuff!" and on the other hand, "Whew, glad October is over!"  Kiddo played volleyball for school and is on the local swim team.  Other than fall break, we've had volleyball and/or swimming every weekend this month.  So with having only one day to keep up with the house and laundry, my sewing time was pretty curtailed last month.  Volleyball is over, and I have some vacation that I need to take or lose it.  So, I should have more time to do some sewing this month. 

So what's up on the design wall?  My leaders and enders project, the purple and yellow quilt, is still up.  Not much progress on that.  I did make some progress on the 2008 BOM. 

That's what's up on the design wall, the last 2 borders for the 2008 BOM quilt.  Somehow I didn't do the math right and have to cut one more strip to finish piecing these.  So almost finished with this quilt. 

I'm behind on my BOMs, so these need some attention.  After finishing up a number of UFOs, I think I'm ready for some new projects.  I really want to do Judy Laquidara's mystery quilt, but I haven't had time to pull fabric for it, much less do the all the cutting.  I have pulled fabric for the Layer Cake Quilt Along which starts tomorrow.  Bonnie Hunter is also starting a mystery quilt later this month and I've always wanted to do one of her projects.  I may have to just print out the instructions for that one and save it for later.  Check in next week, at this point there is no telling what might be up on the design wall. 

Check out Judy's Patchwork Times to see what everyone else has going on.


  1. Oh, don't you hate it when you misjudge and have to go back and cut more?! Your floral is pretty. Have fun quilting this week!! :)

  2. I agree that there is so much to do that it gets overwelming. You really have to choose.

  3. I am ready for the layer cake, too. I would like to do Bonnie's but I always get bogged down on her's because of the little pieces. I just can't keep up and then quit. I have two BH projects, unfinished, in boxes. Maybe I should just sew them together and make a really scrappy (crappy) quilt with them. :-)

  4. I am behind on all my projects :) Once I finish my holiday stuff I need to get caught up. I am about ready for the layer cake (I think).

  5. Thanks for the reminder of the Bonnie Hunter Mystery.

  6. Bonnie's mystery is really intriguing as always and yesterday she showed the colors she's using. She had me at brown, green, and bright pink! I'm also thinking I'll just download the instructions. Too many other new and old projects are clamoring for attention just now. Good work on getting border work started!

  7. Vacation time sounds nice. Enjoy it. I have at least another 9 weeks before I can find the time to have some time off.

    And if you have borders up on your design wall, and you're almost finished that's brilliiant!

  8. I want to do Bonnie's mystery too...hope I have enough time.


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