Thursday, October 28, 2010

Favorite Things Friday - October 29th

It's not quite Friday here yet, but it's late enough on Thursday that I can think of it as being already Friday.  (Oh yeah, it's past my bed time as you can tell, the mind is mush).  

In this house lives a very caffeinated coffee drinker, a testy tea drinker and a cool kid hot chocolate drinker.  So mugs are a hot commodity in this house.  Since Halloween is coming up this weekend, I thought I share with you a few of my favorite mugs.

Kiddo (yes at times I think there are three of her)
Me before coffee

Me after coffee (I wish)

My (skinny) guy

I use these year round, not just for Halloween.  They hold enough coffer to get me jump started in the morning and enough hot tea that I'm not up every 5 minutes warming up more water. 

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  1. great mugs kate, happy halloween and thank you for your lovely comment, hope you have a grat weekend!

  2. i meant great, just shows how mushy my brain is!

  3. I love your mugs, it's great that you use them all year round and not just at Halloween. I love your captions you have added to the photos.

  4. Don't go in for halloween , but I love your mugs and making Halloween inspired stuff..

  5. A nice big mug of tea or coffee always feels good, and these look good as well.

  6. Great mugs! I always like a mug that feels good in my hand. These look as if they would. :o) Happy FTF! :o)

  7. I agree! Everyone needs a decent sized mug!

  8. Fun mugs! My favorite is the "me after coffee" version.

  9. Kate they are among the coolest coffee mugs I've ever seen.

    Are you really green before coffee? Nobody talks to me efore I have my coffee. If they want to live.

    Thanks for visiting FTF this week. I always enjoy your FTF posts.

  10. Cute mugs! I got a chuckle out of your narration of who was on each much! Thanks for sharing.

    xo -El

  11. Awesome!!!
    I love your nightmare before christmas mugs!!! I have a huge soft spot for Jack Skellington!!!
    We just went to the Tim Burton exhibition in melbourne last month. It was some of the most amazing things I have ever seen!!!!

  12. I LOVE your mugs!!!! So cool, and I am a Tim Burton fan too :-) I would use them all year as well! Happy Halloween :-)


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