Wednesday, April 7, 2021

To Do Tuesday for 04/06/21

It's been a rough week on a couple of fronts.  Consequently, I ended up taking an unscheduled break from the computer and the sewing room. I just couldn't face either over the weekend. So progress on last week's To Do List is pretty pitiful.  

Weekly To Do List for 3/30/2021

  • Grassy Creek: Press and clean up quilt top - progress
  • Morewood Mystery - Continue to assemble quilt top - no progress
  • Unity: Make HSTs for clue 6 as leader and enders - no progress
  • Secret Easter Sewing

So only one check mark, some progress on the quilt top clean up and not much else. 

As noted, I did finish my secret Easter sewing.  

The Scientist in Training and her roommate had requested some grocery bags. They've been shopping at one of the grocery stores that has better fruit and veggies, but doesn't offer grocery bags (Or you have to pay for them, I'm not clear on that point).  The floral print with green was my "demo" bag. I wanted to work out all the steps before making the Easter bags.  I used Reversible Tote Bag pattern by Ramona Rose. It's a free download from the Fat Quarter Shop. The two blue bags were filled with candy and each got a Warmies kitty cat, which were really big hits with both girls. (Thank you to Barbara of Cat Patches for sharing these cute heating pads existed). 

So what's the plan for this week. Taxes unfortunately features most prominently as a must do.  We get our second COVID shot later this week. As sick as the SIT got, there may not be much stitching this weekend.  So this week's To Do List is targeted at just making progress.  

To Do List for Week of 4/6/2021
  • Grassy Greek:  Finish quilt top pressing and clean up
  • Morewood Mystery: Continue assembling quilt top
  • Unity: Continue making HSTs for step   

I also hadn't decided on what my April One Monthly goal should be.  Rather than concentrate on what's been on my To Do Lists for the last few months, my April OMG is to start assembling a quilt top from the Cabin and Fans blocks. 

I'm definitely ready to rotate in a new project to the active list.  

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Julie in GA said...

Great grocery bags! I love the fabrics you used. I'm looking forward to seeing how your logs and fans blocks go together.
Sorry to hear you had a rough week. I hope this week is better.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

So sorry you've had some tough days and hope everyone is okay. It seems everyone experiences that second shot differently. Luckily it only usually lasts a couple days. Your grocery bags are just great, and how fun that they could double as Easter baskets, too!

Barbara said...

Great idea with the shopping bags for Easter. We have to bag our own if we use our own bags here. Just prior to the pandemic, plastic was banned in our city, but then they had to bring it back. The fear was that our own bags would spread the virus. Now it appears those fears were unfounded, but we still have to bag our own if we bring our own bags. Kind of dumb, and I hate bagging my own groceries. I’m much too tender a flower for that. I really love your OMG project. It’s going to be a very striking quilt.

Sharon Kwilter said...

Those are really bright and stunning blocks. I look forward to seeing the finished project.

piecefulwendy said...

I prefer bringing my own bags, so I don't get such a backlog of plastic or paper and have to deal with them. Sorry that SIT got so sick, and hope you don't too. Those bright blocks are really fun!

Marti said...

I'm sorry your weekend went haywire and hope all is well with you and yours. I was supposed to get my second covid shot this week too, but I am going to be really busy starting two days later and I decided to postpone my shot. I feel as protected with one Pfizer as with the J&J.

I feel exactly the same about needing a change of pace with the quilts. I like the Cabin and Fans blocks. Is there a trick to joining the four pieces of the blocks without a lump in the center?

chrisknits said...

Even if you didn't get far with the list, you definitely got the most important thing done! Easter bags with candy rank high with just about everyone. LOL! Thanks for linking up.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

As they say "best laid plans'. Our state went to self bags (banned plastic) prior to lock down, but some of our stores offer bags with proceeds going to local causes - food banks, after school programs, library - so I pick a few up rather than sew my own. Your OMG is so striking.

Emily said...

Those Fan (cabins and fans?) blocks are beautiful!! I had never heard of warmies but now I want one! What a great idea, and glad SIT and friend liked their Easter bags.

Jennifer said...

Sorry that you had a rough week and hope things are better now - those bags are great and I am sure the girls will get great use from them! I look forward to seeing your blocks turn into a top!