Friday, December 2, 2016

December One Monthly Goal: A Start or a Finish?

Thankfully it's Friday.  I'm ready for the weekend, even though the mountain of laundry is going to need some serious scaling. We'll put the tree up this weekend and I need to find all the wrapping stuff so we can start moving all the boxes out of the master bedroom to under the tree.  Hopefully there will be time to fit some sewing in as well.  I'm behind on both the Meadow Mist and Bonnie Hunter Mysteries.  

Realizing how much I've got going on outside the sewing room is making it a bit hard to decide on a One Monthly Goal for December. 

Elm Street Quilts

Poinsettias should be back from the quilter next week, so one option is to get it bound before the end of the year. The other option is to get started on the third graduation quilt.  This quilt is one where we found the fabric first and then came up with the pattern. 

This quilt is going to one of DT's friends who is planning on being a math teacher.  So in keeping with the math theme we decided on this pattern.  

My working name for this quilt is Geometry, but that may change before it's finished.  I'm not sold on the border treatment, there are some other ideas I want to play with.  But I can certainly get started on the center piecing.  HSTs are easy to do as leaders and enders, so I can start this one out that way.  But while the featured fabric is ready to go, we haven't picked out the different brights to use with it.

May will be here really quickly.  As much as I'd like to finish Poinsettias, it would probably be wise to get Geometry kicked off.  So the goal for December is to decide on the tone on tone solids (hopefully all from the stash) and get started on the HST blocks.  That should be doable this month.    

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Libby in TN said...

Geometry is going to be such a fun quilt. I agree you should get started now as May will come quicker than you want it to. Will you be using solids for the colors?

Patty said...

great looking quilt - Thanks for linking up with Elm street Quilts One Monthly Goal.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

That will be a great quilt, and so perfect for somone who loves math. I love the layout - I've been wanting to do an HST quilt with a similar kind of layout. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jen @ de Jong Dream House said...

I have that fabric! What a great design to show it off!

Marti said...

Both are good options. I guess it depends how specific you want your goal to be. If it is just to start one of the two things you mentioned, then the Geometry is probably a wise choice. But if it is also to make a finish, then the binding is a better option. You'd have a finish for the year too and then could start the HSTs and get a headstart on a January's goal.

Katie Z. said...

I love the next quilt! It's pretty simple but packs a huge punch!