Sunday, August 7, 2016

Week 32 of 2016: Slow Stitching and a Stash Report

It rained yesterday.  That may not seem like news, but it's August in Oklahoma.  It's usually pretty parched this time of year.  It's nice to look out the window and see green rather than brown.  Plus the rain took the temps down to the mid 80s from the low 100s.  Unfortunately with the added humidity, it doesn't really feel a lot cooler. 

The humidity outside made it a good afternoon to hang out in the sewing room.  Progress was made on my August OMG, two more Zombie blocks are done.  That's pretty much all the fabric that went out this week. 

Used last week:  0.32 yards
Used year to date:  36.30 yards
Purchased year to date:  28.75 yards
Net used in 2016:  7.55

I did a lot better with finding time to stitch this last week.

Days with 15 minutes of stitching time this week:  6 out of 7 days
Days in July:  19 out of 31 days
Days in August:  5 out of 6 days
Days in 2016:  172 out of 219 days

I was able to bump up my stitching time last week by finally getting some time while we were on vacation to do a little hand work. We weren't up and out quite so early the last weekend of vacation, so I was able to pull out my long term emboridery project and make a bit of progress. 

I've still got a long way to go on this project.  Not surprising since the only time I work on it is when I'm not home.  Maybe that will change next year and I'll find a way to incorporate some slow stitching time into each week.  

Now I need to get going on laundry and other chores.  Have a great Sunday. 

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Charlene S said...

Love the butterflies! My t-pop would tell me when I was younger that we should always make time for thing we like to do and those we love. Wake up 15 minutes early and slow stitch. Your mind will then have time to arrange your day in the background.

Kaelyn Angelfoot said...

Those butterflies are lovely! I wish you the best in finding more time for stitching.

maggie fellow said...

great stitching - that is what I take everywhere else. I did one stitchery quilt when I helped my daughter with the birth of my Grandson. I have another, to finish, that I call the heart attack quilt for my husband's recovery. :)

barbara woods said...

here in Ga, we hadn't had a good rain since the first of June but had one Sat , got 1 1/2 inches, now things are green again

Anonymous said...

Very pretty! ~Melanie

CathieJ said...

That embroidery project is beautiful. I don't know how you can put it down.

Val's Quilting Studio said...

HAPPY Sunday to you as well. We had rain this morning and it was soooo nice. I think it's kinda cool to have a travel project as you do.

Joy D. said...

Love the butterfly embroidery! Congrats on getting a couple of zombie blocks finished, and good luck with a couple more this week.

Libby in TN said...

I know you're glad the Zombie blocks are done. Love the butterflies!

Jennifer said...

Lovely stitching! I started to keep my stitching bag by the couch a couple years ago and now I stitch almost every time I watch TV - it has been great to get me back to stitching and I've finished so many projects that were just waiting to be done!

Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts said...

So does that mean you only have 3 more zombie blocks to do? Congrats, you'll meet your August goal! That flower at the beginning of the post is so lovely with the rain on it....just gorgeous. You take really good pics Kate!

Susan said...

The butterfly piece is beautiful. Should I hope you get to spend more time away from home? =)

Kalicocreations said...

You are still moving forward slowly but surely. I hope to get back in the black one day before too long!

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

How pretty this embroidery is!

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

How pretty this embroidery is!