Sunday, April 10, 2016

Stash Management for the 15th Week of 2016

This week certainly got away from me and I'm not really sure why.  Schedules were a bit out of wack which may have contributed to my lack of sewing enthusiasm this week.  My Guy finally caught the nasty virus I had over Easter, which kept him home.  Drama Teen had state journalism workshops and award ceremonies last week.  We celebrated the third place finish at state of the creative arts magazine that she edits.  One of the other magazines from her school placed first, so she was a bit bummed.  But she found out Thursday that she'd been selected as the Oklahoma representative to Al Neuharth Free Spirit and Journalism Conference in Washington D.C. This opportunity also comes with a scholarship, so we are all really excited.  It ended being a really good week on the family front.  

It wasn't a bad week for stash usage either.  I finished the back for the Midnight Mystery quilt.  So there's a bit going out this week. 

Used last week:  4.70 yards
Used in April:  5.24 yards
Used year to date:  22.42 yards
Purchased this week:  10.75 yards
Purchased year to date:  17.75 yards
Net used for 2016:  4.67 yards

But there was more coming in than out this week.  However,  I'm still in the black so it's still a good week.  The fabric that came in this week is for a graduation quilt for next year.  I saw Connecting Threads' Mosaic Blooms in one of my quilting magazines and realized it would be perfect for DT's friend. 

From Connecting Threads' Mosaic Blooms collection

DT had already picked a pattern, Bejeweled from Susan Guzman's book All About Strips.  

Bejeweled from the book All About Strips by Susan Guzman

DT wanted a quilt with blues, purples and greens, but she thinks the teal is an even better color for this quilt.  I've done some mock ups in EQ.  

EQ mock up of Bejeweled, pattern by Susan Guzman

This isn't an exact duplicate of the pattern, but I can get a good sense of how the fabrics are going to work together.  I need to dig into the stash to see if there is a gray that will work for the background for this one.  

It wasn't a good week for stitching.  In part because I ended up running more errands than typical since My Guy was out of sorts.  I didn't do very well at getting in my 15 minutes a day of stitching time. 

Days with 15 minutes of stitching time this week:  3 days
Days in April:  5 out of 9
Days this year:  80 out of 100

Hopefully I'll get back on track this week.  

You can check out more stash management success stories over at Patchwork Times


Charlene S said...

That pattern is striking as are the fabrics you choose for it. One step back does not end the journey. Keep going with your 15 minutes a day goal.

WyoPat said...

I really like the Bejeweled pattern! That will be a lovely quilt.

Libby in TN said...

Those fabrics will be lovely in that pattern. DT has good taste.

Marti said...

Love your fabrics in your mock up. With as much as you have going on, I think you got a lot of sewing done. But I understand your goals too and hope you have a good week.

Anonymous said...

I hope your guy feels better this upcoming week. Congrats on your DT. and I love your mock up of Bejewelled. Is the fabric showing up your own fabric you've put into the program or do you still need to pull fabric?

Anonymous said...

Great pattern. I can see why she picked it. Like the colors too.

Katie Z. said...

Ooh, what a great plan! Sometimes you must buy to make a quilt, and there's no guilt in that!

Dar said...

I like the colors you've chosen for the bejeweled pattern. Very nice. Hope the man of the house is getting better. Good stash numbers too.