Sunday, March 27, 2016

Slow Stitching and Stash Management for the 13th week of 2016

It's a rainy morning here at Life in Pieces. No Easter egg hunts for us.  Which is OK, we have no little ones to hide the eggs for anymore.  Though Drama Teen asked last night if the Easter Bunny was still going to visit her.  It's the only day we've ever let her have candy for breakfast and she's still enough of a kid to not want to give that up.

On the stitching front, Friday has been the only day this week I had any significant stitching time in the sewing room out of the last two weeks. But I made do with some hand stitching when we were in Texas.  

This project is my "road work" project, it goes along on most of our road trips.  I don't typically work on it at home where time in the sewing room usually wins out.  This afternoon's hand stitching will be finishing up the binding on the McCall's Mystery quilt.  There's just one side left to stitch down. I should have a finish before the end of the day.  

I did get a bit of machine stitching done this week and finished up one of the star blocks for Allietare.  Yesterday evening, I figured out how to fix the error in the second brown vintage dress block, so it's done too.  That was it for fabric usage this week. 

Used last week:  0.21 yards
Used in March:  0.86 yards
Used year to date:  16.98 yards
Purchased this week:  7 yards
Net used for 2016: 9.98 yards

This week's addition to the stash was planned.  There are 4 graduation quilts on my to do list for May 2017.  The stash didn't have the right purple fabric with enough yardage to make the Zombies in Paris quilt.  So these two purples came home with me yesterday. 

As soon as the McCall's Mystery quilt is finished up, I'll start on this quilt.  So these should start going back out soon.  One other fabric made it home, but it's also destined for one of the graduation quilts. 

I have most of the fabrics for the Math Quilt this piece is intended for.  It's probably next in line after Zombies in Paris. So this fabric should start going out before the end of the year.  I'm trying to finish a quilt before I start a new one.  I won't make any headway with the project count, but I'm at least getting some of the UFOs off my list. 

I also track the days where at least 15 minutes of stitching happens.  I count the hand embroidery as stitching so there were a few days during spring break where I got in some stitching time. 

Days with 15 minutes of stitching time this week:  5 days
This month:  18 out of 26 days
This year:  70 out of 86 days

Not bad considering there were two business trips and a family vacation this month.  

You can find more slow stitching over at Kathy's Quilts and more on stash management over at Patchwork Times.  


Shasta Matova said...

That's a good plan to finish a quilt before starting a new one. I am trying to do that as well, but it is very very difficult for me.

Jennifer said...

Your cross-stitch is very pretty and I love the new fabrics you've added to your collection. Looking forward to seeing the graduation quilts you'll use them in.

Barbara said...

Cute, cute fabric for the math quilt. And that's a pretty cross stitch. Looks like you have quite a bit done on it. I don't think we ever get too old for candy at breakfast...especially when it's only one day of the year.

Libby in TN said...

Gorgeous purples! I am SO looking forward to the zombie quilt.

Joyce Dean Gieszler said...

Love the idea of tracking days with stitching! I've been doing that with exercise, but sewing and knitting would make a great addition. Keep up the great work!

Quilter Kathy said...

No egg hunts for me/us anymore either... I'm sad about it and miss the good old days!
Enjoy your hand stitching today!

Susan said...

Your quilts have such interesting names. =) Love the butterfly. My sons are both in the neighborhood of 40, and they still get Easter chocolate goodies. LOL