Sunday, September 13, 2015

Stash Report - Week 37 of 2015

Our weather took a turn to the cool side and that apparently affected what pollen was in the air.  I spent most of yesterday in the recliner either asleep or feeling absolutely miserable with a sinus headache.  It's raining this morning, so I'm guessing that knocked the pollen levels down as I'm feeling a lot better.  Needless to say there wasn't a lot of sewing yesterday, so this week's stash report looks a bit anemic compared to what it's been the last few weeks.  

Used last week:  0.17 yards
Used in September: 0.70 yards
Used year to date:  28.97 yards
Purchased year to date:  10.25 yards
Net used for 2015:  18.72 yards

Every little bit out will add up, so it wasn't a bad week.  Especially since I'm sticking to my fabric diet. I'm determined to end this year with a stash reduction for a change.

One other effect of the cooler weather is that it's been so nice a couple of evenings that I by passed the sewing room in favor of a walk.  I'm not sure what these little purple puffs are, but they certainly are pretty. 

There are sunflowers in just about every open field.  

So you see little clumps of sunshine even on the rainy days we've been having.  I'm hoping to get in a few more walks here and there. Autumn is one of my favorite times of year to get out with the camera, the light here in the afternoons is just gorgeous.  So hopefully I'll more shots to share later.  For now, it's time for a breakfast.  You can find more stash reports over at Patchwork Times.  


Cheryl said...

Beautiful flowers! The purple puffy flowers are so cool.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this week is much better for you and you're able to get more sewing done. :)

Angie in SoCal said...

Your numbers are good, Kathy! Those pink flowers are gorgeous as are the sunflowers. Hope the pollen count stays low so you won't have another attack. Fell better soon.

Marti said...

You may not think you have much to show, but just doing something every week makes a difference. Hope you feel better soon, and congrats on the rain too.