Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Soggy Stash Report - the 21st Week of 2015

It's stopped raining for the moment anyway.  They claim there is  more on the way.  We didn't get the worst of the rain, that happened south of us. There are places in the state that saw in excess of 7 inches of rain in the last 24 hours.  Roads flooded badly last night during the height of the downpour.  But once the rain died down a bit, most roads were passable, at least where we are. That wasn't true for other places in the state.  

It wasn't a bad week for stitching.  Though I didn't get to sew much yesterday as we spent the day visiting a museum and catching up with a couple of family members.  Here's the numbers:

Used last week:  0.98 yards
Used in May:  1.78 yards
Used year to date:  14.43 yards
Purchased year to date:  0 yards

I'm still avoiding all the quilt shops and deleting their emails. The Excel file shows more used this year than used at the same time last year, so that counts as a nice improvement.  Hopefully I can keep that up the rest of the year.  

We have more rain on tap for today.  I'm hoping to spend some long hours in my sewing room this afternoon since we aren't going to be able to do much of anything else.

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  1. Good for you on not buying any fabric all year--amazing! Your numbers are looking good.

  2. That is a great picture of all of the rain. I feel for Oklahoma and all of the rain you have had. It has not made it here yet, but they say it is coming. You are doing very good on your stash report, keep deleting those emails! :-)

  3. We are getting lots of rain too. It makes the grass grow too quickly and that is not so good! You are doing great on your stash report. I'm holding to not buying fabric too, but attending 2 major quilt shows in 2 months was very trying. Keep up the good work and I'll try to follow your lead. lol

  4. That's a whole lotta rain. Quilting is the best part of any big rain storm.

  5. Rain would be welcome in our area but there has been some up north. 7 inches in 24 hours is too much anywhere! Glad you've held firm on your no-buy policy. I ordered some patterns on a great sale but no fabric. Have fun in your stitching time.

  6. Time to break out the flippers Kate !

  7. My stash is overflowing and I really need to stop purchasing, but I have finished 4 quilts and have one more to quilt and quilting another so it is getting used.

  8. Way to go!

    Our roads flood off and on, but so far we haven't gotten stuck!

  9. Glad to hear your weren't affected by the worst of the rains. Congrats on keeping your buying to zero - that is impressive by this point in the year!

  10. I've been watching the weather - after several years of drought, the rain is welcome! Although I know it needs to be slow and steady to soak in. I'm still impressed that you haven't bought anything yet! Are you going to attempt a whole year now that you've made it halfway?


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